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Beauty of Life

Some people are meant to change your perspective about life…. Contrary to my so-called introduction, today I wanna write something quite random…. Maybe what we aim for, what we desire for, is never achieved by us. We repent over our decisions, our choices which took us somewhere else. Happens with everybody. Has happened to me quite often ! Five years back, I used to be an aspiring Non-Medical student. Having no idea what engineers do, what are they meant for, I was preparing wholeheartedly for IIT, AIEEE, CET and all ! But what happened? When I got a good rank in CET and got admission in world renowned university PAU, I backed out after 6 months ! Reason? The crowd, the studies, useless practicals ! I mean they were not meant for me ! What would I do with the kind of soils and the different variety of flora and fauna? It was like a huge downfall ! From Non-Med I shifted to Humanities ! Well, I was heart broken ! Because we all know how Humanities students are looked upon at. Then I also got a dream job, I mean a government job at the age of 19 ! People started to take me as a genius ! Bravo ! This girl has done a miracle !

And again I broke everyone’s heart, when I left that so-called ‘Dream Job’ ! Why? That passion, that spark, you know it’s like something was missing. What was that? Did I miss my college? Did I miss my friends? NO !!? What I missed most was my favorite subject ‘Functional English’ ! My teacher, Honey Ma’am, once told me, Hasmeet is not made for some Bank job. Hasmeet is made for Mass communication. This lady has turned me from a shy, weak girl to a girl who writes, to a girl who became student editor in the second year of her college ! She not only made me feel confident about myself, but also did evoke that passion in me for journalism.

Some people just touch your heart… Today, my parents are a lot skeptic about my future. They are worried, because they don”t no how am gonna survive in the world of journalism. Even I am worried, but I feel motivated and positive whenever my teachers praise me. I know something big’s gonna come my way in the near future. I know that I am passionate about BBC World News ! It’s like I wanna be there, at any cost !!! Whenever I think about BBC, I just so wanna be there !!! Now what I feel, Non-Medical was a wrong choice, Bank job was a wrong choice ! And the right choice? Opting for Humanities, opting for Functional English ! Leaving that damn job and taking admission in the college in second year was the right choice ! I dunno what’s gonna happen in the future. I dunno whether am gonna make it to BBC World News, but am never gonna regret my choices !

The people we meet in our life, they teach us ! Whether your friends, your enemies, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, your teachers… Everyone ! Even a stranger you met in a mall or in a train, teaches you something about life. Everyone and everything in this world is inspiring. Whenever I read poetry, I mean I feel like these poets are genius man !! You might love someone, but John Donne has expressed it aesthetically in his poem ‘ The Cannonization’ ! You might feel for some person who is miserable, but William Blake evokes pity through his poem ‘The Chimney Sweepers’ ! Genius they are ! True genius !

I seriously don’t know what I just wrote ! Maybe you all will have a different perspective about this 😉 Just move one and try to feel what all is going on around you. A writer is hidden in every one of us ! Just takes some effort to wake him up !




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

4 thoughts on “Beauty of Life

  1. Wow…Simply wow!! Hope everybody thought like that
    Even I was in the same situation 6 years ago…But I took the road more travelled by. This may hav helped me get a job in the IT sector but Its not as interesting as people think..
    Really proud of the way you stood up for the right thing

    An Admirer


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