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‘Modern’ Indian Woman- Typecast!

A modern Indian woman. Well I don’t want to give a lecture here about the modernisation of the Indian women and about her newly found freedom. We say India is a country of ethics. Ethics which are thousands of years old. A Woman is considered as a ‘Laxmi’ in India. I have always wondered, why our bollywood movies have stopped portraying the Indian woman as it used to in the 60s and 70s. Why don’t we get to see the roles which Hema Malini, Madhubala, Mumtaz etc. portrayed? Why do we watch Kareena smoking or Anushka riding a chopper now? The answer that I usually get is, modernisation. As simple as that ! In the name of modernisation, Indian women have come out of their homes and given a stiff competition to the male-dominated world.
Indian woman is free and independent now ! She can compete with the males and can do anything she wishes to. Okay. Then why do we get to hear these rape, molestation, eve-teasing cases daily? Why doesn’t the ‘free, independent woman’ protect herself from these crimes? The answer, well according to me, is that we live in a modern world with traditional mindset. We let our daughters and wives wear modern clothes, but we have still have that traditional mindset. The recent rape cases in Haryana triggered a debate that the marriageable age of a girl should be reduced from 18 to 15. What did it show? That we still live in a society where we have a mindset that a girl should be married as early as possible to avoid any mishap. What about the girl? What about her dreams? Her ambitions? At a tender age when she does not even know about the evils prevailing in the country, she has been married in the name of her safety. Her capability is suppressed. What if Kiran Bedi’s parents married her at an early age and didn’t let her go to school in the name of safety? Would we have been able to see a revolution that she created? What if Kalpana Chawala’s parents didn’t allow her to go to school or college? Would India have ever got it’s first woman astronaut? We all know that the answer is no. I don’t really wish to create a revolution with this article. Because what I am telling you people is already known by you. Maybe it’s a reminder….maybe an eye-opener !
All I feel is that Indian woman is yet not ready for the western exposure, because the mindset of the males is still traditional. Not only males but even females. Well what I guess is that prefixing ‘modern’ in front of Indian women is itself sarcasm. A woman can create her own limits. Clothes does not define who you are, your values, your principles does. A woman working in the fields is as modern as the woman sitting in an MNC ! The woman who can create her own identity in this world is modern !
Women like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Majumdar, Rajni Bector etc. have created a niche for themselves in this male dominated world. They did it because they fought against all odds and followed their passion. In ‘Chandi Di Vaar’ Guru Gobind Singh narrated how one female helped win a battle. Women have that power to win the world. Then why suppress her? Why in the 21st century do we still practise female foeticide and dowry system? Why don’t we respect women? Why are we afraid of giving them a chance? ‘Modern’ Indian woman has been typecasted as a woman who wears modern clothes, while her true identity lies in her principles. Respect her and let her live in this world !



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

3 thoughts on “‘Modern’ Indian Woman- Typecast!

    1. I wrote this for my college magazine three years ago 😊 From the archives 😊 When I submitted this post it was the beginning of December. Mid December, Nirbhaya gang rape took place. This article got lost in many of the female-centric articles wrote on the Nirbhaya case.

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      1. That’s the sad part..
        I can assure you one thing that this issue will be addressed soon..
        I really don’t know thew procedures now, but I know rules which are not in the procedures !!
        god bless !!

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