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After the success of the Adhaar card scheme, the government of India has come up with another one, the ‘Direct cash transfer’ scheme !  Termed as a ‘game-changer’ scheme, it was tabled by the government and is proposed to be implemented in the next year by January. Under this scheme, the BPL families will be identified with the help of the Adhaar card number issued to them by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). With the help of this Adhaar card, they can get their money.
A total sum of Rs. 3.2 lakh crore is said to be put in the bank accounts of 10 crore BPL families. Thus, the per family/per year cash transfer amount will be Rs 32,000, almost three times the average annual earning of a below-the-poverty-line (BPL) family. The cash transfer will replace subsidies for kerosene, LPG, small pension payments as well as wages from job guarantee schemes. The success of this scheme depends on the co-ordination of the Aadhaar platform and the financial inclusion.  The scheme is expected to curb the corruption involved in the distribution of subsidised items.
Initially, the government will implement the scheme in 51 districts from Jan 1, 2013. The scheme will be worked in 18 states from April and in the rest of the country later in 2013. The government underlined the need for integrating the banking system with the post office network, especially in the rural parts of the country to move closer towards the goal of financial inclusion. The funds that are provisioned for direct benefits like pensions, scholarships and healthcare benefits must reach the intended beneficiaries without delays and leakages Direct Cash Transfers, which are now becoming possible through the innovative use of technology and the spread of modern banking across the country, open the doors for eliminating waste, cutting down leakages and targeting beneficiaries better.
Hopes have been raised by the government with the proposal of this scheme. But its success wholly depends upon the twin pillars of UIDAI and the finance ministry.



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