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Change ! A simple word ! Right? Most of us won’t be affected by a little change, a process that is continuous. Change has always been a matter of concern for people of every age. I remember when I was young, our school had a rule kinda thing. Our sections would be changed and students would be shuffled. That used to be a big change for me. I never used to like it. In fact every classmate of mine never liked it ! But then at the end of every session, we made new friends, new memories…..Β 

Some of us might have gone through some major changes in our lives. A change in interest, a change in country, maybe a breakup ! Yeah well breakups do have that added advantage of being called a major change ! Let’s not get into that sphere. Talking of change, I walk through the streets of my city and see garbage everywhere and like most of the people I curse the Municipal Corporation for the mess. Waiting for the traffic light to go green, I see people flouting traffic rules, I curse the traffic police for not being strict. No electricity during summers, I curse the State government. I don’t think so I need to get into the ‘corruption in all departments’ area, because I think you all got the idea what I am talking about. We are the ones, we are responsible for everything that is happening ! I always get into an argument with some or the other person when he/she says this all is happening because of the government ! I mean WHY???!!! Why do we blame the government? We flout the traffic rules ! We throw garbage on the streets ! We are the ones who switch on every single appliance in our home ! And the government is to be cursed? How lame is that? I just saw a picture on Facebook that said, “Be the change you want to see in the world !”- M K Gandhi. A simple picture? Right? Most of us have come across this saying, but have ignored it ! Yeah the government is raising the prices of petrol is bothering us all. But when we go on those useless ‘Gehris’, do we even think once about the prices of petrol? Not even once ! Why are the price being raised? Due to imbalances in the demand and supply ! The demand is much more than the supply. What can the government do? Obviously raise the price !Β 

Some of you might be cursing me at this moment ! Well, lemme give you an example ! People in Libya tolerated much torture. They were tormented by Colonel Gaddafi. He was a dictator, ruled Libya for 40 years ! Yeah ! 40 long years ! Then in 2011, he was finally killed. By his own people. The country he ruled, killed him ! They have had enough of torture !! They couldn’t take it anymore. Now Libya is heading towards the path of democracy. Isn’t that a BIG CHANGE? The whole army was under his control. There was a scene of battlefield in every street of Libya. Thousands of people were killed. But now finally, they can heave a sigh of relief ! If you want a change, then bring it damn it ! A similar battle is now being fought in Syria against their President Bashar al-Assad ! Believe me you cannot see the clippings of the bloodshed ! It’s that brutal ! But the Syrian people want change ! They want it ! And they are fighting for it !Β 

At least we don’t live in that scenario. People, tell me why can’t we change? Why can’t we be an example for the world? We did it in 1947 ! We fought for our country and we freed our motherland ! This time the battle is against ourselves only. We have to fight the evil present in each one of us. Can’t we do that much? I’m sure we can ! Do think about it once ! πŸ™‚




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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