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Unity is Strength !

Okay ! This is something I wrote last year for my college magazine. So it’s a bit old and I think for me it’s a bit…I dunno, I think kiddish ! Read on !!

Unity is strength, We all have studied this in our schools at a very young age. Obviously, it is the truth known to all. The first time you studied it was when you heard the story of an old farmer teaching the strength of unity to his sons. The example of the sticks given by the farmer was relevant enough to teach us that being united is a bliss in itself.

But do we really practice what we have studied in our lower classes? Discrimination is being made in the name of caste, creed, color, religion etc. Today even a small child is being told by his mother not to play with a poor child. Why? Will he rob him off his money? Obviously NO ! Then why are these discrimination made? Maybe this went unnoticed by you, but do you remember the semi-final match between India and Pakistan during the 2011 World Cup? Every social networking site, right from Twitter to Facebook was full with hatred against Pakistan.

It’s not all about India-Pakistan animosity. We all have this natural trait in ourselves to live in groups. A group of people can be classified in the name of their sex, nationality, religion, social status etc. Take an example from our lives only. We have some issues our batch-mates or colleagues. Groupism prevails in every college or workplace. But when we are up against any institution or something like that, we unite ! We cheer for our institution collectively. Or we can take an example with which you all will agree with me. the example of Anna Hazare, the man who united the whole nation. After the nationwide protests all over the country, the government finally agreed to the demands of Anna Hazare.

The Libyan uprising is also a classic example of unity ! After 42 years of dictatotship, Muammar Gaddafi was killed by the agitating mob in his hometown, Sirte. Libyan people united and stood up against the dictatorship of Colonel Gaddafi. It is only because of unity that we are independent today. Being united can do many miracles.

Even science can prove the strength of unity. A proton can never live with another proton alone. It has to unite with an electron and a neutron to make an atom.

Thus, splitting up or living in small groups can do no good to anyone. If we want something to happen, we must all unite. As I have said earlier, unity is strength !!





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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