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Why worship Durga, Laxmi?

India is a country of Ethics ! Sounds sarcastic, right? Ethics, which allow a man to come home late at night but restricts a woman to do so. A country where we, on every Diwali, pray to Goddess Laxmi to bless us. A country, where a woman is considered as goddess Durga and Kali. Don’t we feel ashamed of ourselves? Look what have we done to the woman who was considered pious by the Gods ! Raped? Molested? Thrown on the roads NAKED !!!!! Really??? What are we? Definitely not humans !!! Not at any cost !! Even animals won’t commit such heinous crimes as we do ! 

A girl, aged 23, boarded a bus with her male friend, not knowing, she was going to witness the most horrible experience of her life ! Next day, the country woke up to the astonishing news of the infamous ‘Delhi gang Rape‘ ! College going students, politicians and women rights activists were agitated and each one of them did their best to pressurize the government to give justice to that girl. Justice? Oh yeah ! Just nabbing the rapists and maybe in future ‘hanging‘ them will do justice to the girl ! A survivor in a true sense ! A fighter ! She said, ” Maa main jeena chahti hun” (Mother I want to live) ! Five times she went into coma after the incident ! Several surgeries ! Been on ventilator ! All her vital organs completely destroyed ! And that girl wanna live ! 

This was the story of a fighter, a survivor ! People are up against the government and are demanding strict laws against the rising rape cases ! What can the government do? Beef up the security ! Regular checks, maybe more stringent laws ! That’s it? That would curb the rapists to think before they commit such crimes? Really? Bravo ! What a thinking ! Morale and ethics cannot be taught by the government, people ! Rapes are rising because of the loopholes in our ethics ! Our morale values ! We have laptops, iPads, iPhones, luxury cars, Gucci, Versace, Armani but along with all this we have a typical mindset, that men are superior than women ! We teach our daughters that the society is not a safer place, so don’t step out of the house alone ! Don’t wear short dresses ! Don’t do this ! Don’t do that ! But a son is taught, actually never taught anything ! He’s a like a free bird ! I am sorry but am not trying to be a feminist here ! But seriously man, this all does happen in our society ! 

Talking of the sartorial sense, a root cause, as quoted by some very intellectual people in our society, I have heard cases of a one year old infant been raped. That small child’s clothes were inappropriate? Those girls are also raped who wear suits. Girls are also been raped in winter and what can be a good example than the ‘Delhi gang Rape’ itself ! A girl been raped on a December night ! What might she be wearing? A jeans, maybe a jacket or a pullover ! Because it was damn cold outside ! So please just stop blaming women for every damn thing ! Why can’t we live in this society without any restrictions? Why do we have to go through such acid tests of female foeticide, dowry, eve-teasing, rape, molestation? Why? Why only a woman has to suffer? We have equal rights to live ! Don’t forget that we are the ones who gave birth to you ! Guru Nanak Dev Ji has said in Gurbani– ‘ So kyo manda aakhiye jit jamme rajan‘ ! Meaning, why do we curse a woman who gave birth to the kings ! Take a pledge today, that no matter what, we will teach our children the lesson of equality. India has 72.2% of population living in rural areas. When we, the 27.8% population of urbans, will have such thinking that women are raped because of inappropriate dressing sense and because of the CASTE they belong to, what can you expect from the 72.2% rurals? That traditional mindset is actually a hindrance ! Hindrance to the path of a revolution ! Man ! God made us what we are ! Whether we are hot, sexy, whatever ! You have no right to forcefully do whatever you want to ! Don’t be callous ! Wake up guys ! Be a better person ! At the end we have to present ourselves to that GOD only ! Why not make this world a better place to live in, regardless of the sex we belong to ! Work towards the cause of equality and prevent  any such further cases to take place in India ! 




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

3 thoughts on “Why worship Durga, Laxmi?

  1. I have already pledged , but after reading this i once again pledge for equality. Reading this article here , made a tear ran down my eyes. U write extremely well. Full of emotions. hitting on the right track. Keep spreading the good. Keep writing.


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