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F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- Gifts from Heaven !

This is just a personal post ! Dedicated to my small group ! My Star Group 🙂 ! That’s funny and kiddish too, but that’s what we call ourselves ! Actually our teacher gave us this name when we all got the same pens with a star on top of ’em ! Lemme show you how they looked like ! 

So there’s this T.V. series F.R.I.E.N.D.S that me and my friend Srishti Kwatra are crazy about ! So we just decided why not to give our friends each character that suits ’em the best ! And Voila !! Our ‘Six Friends Group’ do have each and every character from the series ! 

I wanna start with Monica ! Rhea Singh is Monica Geller ! Monica is a total control freak and loves everything to be in order !! She’s the best cook ! And believe me, when you taste Rhea’s cakes, you would go crazy ! She’s cooks so well ! Lemme show you one salad she made when we went to her home for lunch !

Okay so she made two salads !! Damn, they were yummy ! And like Monica, she loves to be a host ! She’s totally independent. Freaks out when she sees anything out of order ! And she’s famous for sanitizer and tissues ! Believe me, you would always find sanitizer and tissues in her bag ! And most of all, she helps every one ! She’s every bit of Monica Geller !

Next comes Rachel Greene ! Radhika Thapar is Rachel Greene ! Rachel is a lovable character ! She’s an executive in the fashion world ! And same goes for Radhika too ! Although she’s not an executive but she surely does resemble Rachel ! Rachel is always confused and so is Radhika ! Oh, I didn’t realize they have this R-R connection too ! Rachel is not so independent ! She’s brave at heart as she has gone through some major changes in her life and all this goes for Radhika too !  So this is our fashionista ! Radhika Thapar !

There is nobody ! Believe me, nobody who can portray the role of Phoebe Buffay as our sweet and crazy Reedhima Bhandari can ! Like Phoebe, she is lost in her own world ! She makes everybody laugh with her weird yet cute habits ! She always doesn’t makes sense ! She’s just too lovable a character without which our group would have been incomplete ! She’s an ultimate stock of weirdness and that’s what makes her ‘The Phoebe Buffay’ ! Although she does gets serious and can sometimes give a great advice, but this side of hers is rarely seen by us ! And like Phoebe, she sometimes dresses quite ‘uniquely’ ! 

And if the makers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. think that they can’t find anybody better that David to essay the role of Dr. Ross Geller, they should give it a second thought, for we have a ready-made Ross in our group ! Radhika Jain, known for her extremely funny expressions will make the best Ross Geller ! Ross’ famous ‘HI’ with a big sigh or when Joey tells him that he’s in love with Rachel, the way Ross says ‘Rachel?!!!!!!!’, Radhika can do it all ! Expressions, Ross and Radhika are synonymous ! And the way Ross and Rachel are too close, our Ross and Rachel are too close ! I mean ‘as friends’ ! As Ross gets upset over little things, Radhika too is very particular that she is getting enough importance in everything ! 

And the most lovable character of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Joey Tribbiani, who, as we all know, Doesn’t Share Food , is our Srishti Kwatra ! Man, she is every bit of Joey ! She’s funny, lost, kind, cute and the best friend anybody can ever have ! Like Joey binds all the six of ’em together, Srishti does so too ! Joey never had any personal favorite ! All of ’em were loved equally by Joey ! In the same way, Srishti loves everyone of us and understands us all ! She lives her life to the fullest and has no regrets ! She is least bothered about her future and lives to make her future better ! She is hell lot careful when it comes to friendship and makes sure that nobody gets hurt ever ! She’s always there to cheer everybody ! She’s damn damn kind at heart ! She can never think of hurting anybody ! And that makes my personal favorite character, Joey ! 

And that’s me ! Chandler M. Bing ! Known for his sarcasm ! Chandler is a character who likes to keep it low ! He has a good job and is career oriented ! And most of all, he loves Joey the most ! That’s why I chose to be Chandler, because Joey and Chandler are inseparable ! Chandler doesn’t bother much about anybody, but is most concerned about Joey ! And that goes for me too ! Although that’s quite rude, but that’s how it is ! I make sure that “My Joey” is safe and sound ! Chandler cracks these very funny jokes which only he can understand ! And lol, I do the same too ! Nobody actually knows what Chandler does all the time ! In the same way, my friends have no idea that where my life is going because I prefer not to get ’em involved in my problems ! 

Okay ! So that’s us ! That’s our small group ! Dedicated to the best bitches of my life ! And I wrote it because we’re gonna get separate after 6 months ! But I wanna tell ’em that nobody can take their place ever ! They are ‘gifts from heaven’ 🙂




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

2 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- Gifts from Heaven !

  1. OMG..I never expected something so sweet from u :P…I'm quite impressed ;)…an aawwww expression is u.n just bcoz we r going to b done with our grad,doesn't mean we r going to part..cheer up!
    Love u always
    Rhea lol I mean MONICA 😉


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