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A Thank You Note To The Dying Year !

So another year ends…. Personally 2012 hasn’t been a good year for me, but it did teach me a lot. I wanna thank 2012 for the friends it gave me. I have met some very wonderful people in 2012 ! I learnt that every person you meet, teaches you a lot and changes your perspective about life, either in a positive or a negative way. It also taught me that no person is good or bad. Every person is selfish and hence behaves in a way with other individuals that would give him maximum profit. Nobody lives for someone else. And this is not wrong ! We all live for ourselves !

2012 taught me that we just have ONE LIFE and thus we should live it with full enthusiasm ! Fun and frolic is all your life should reflect ! Sorrows are a part of life, but you cannot afford to let them overshadow your precious life. Everybody wants something or the other from their lives ! I give preference to my career over my family, friends and love (whatever !!). But I’ve met people who thought of me as insane, when I told them about my future plans ! People want a settled life and I wanna live a life of a nomad. And people think of me as crazy ! Me? I personally think that getting married early or settling for anything less than what you are capable of, is foolishness ! I wanna go to the extent where my creativity allows me to. My dreams are what I live for. But I would never try to influence other people’s idea about life.

2012 taught me that nobody is more important than you, yourself ! Whether you love a person a lot, and he/she loves you back too, but never become too dependent on that person. Future is damn uncertain. You never know when what is gonna happen. So always be ready for the unexpected ! You are alone in this world. People are there in your life to teach you something, to learn something from you, but not to become a part of life forever ! 

2012 taught me that hard work is not only a key to success but it also gives you satisfaction. Until you have done hard work for a thing you are getting credit for, you will never feel satisfied ! Staying true to yourself and never stopping yourself to do more is what 2012 taught me. 

Today I pledge that I will be a better person in 2013 because hatred gives birth to hatred and not love ! And love is all what humans crave for. I pledge that I will preach humanity, love and morality. I will not discriminate in the name of caste, creed , color, religion, status etc. I would not let anybody suffer in front of my eyes. This world is full of people who are lonely and need love. I pledge that I would never let any needy person whom I come across, go empty handed. The crimes that we come across, whether of an innocent girl brutally raped, children being killed, a man thrown in front of a subway train in the name of racism, army men being killed or the politicians behaving like goons, I pray to the Almighty that he may bless the criminals with wisdom and love. For 2013 will be better than 2012, as I have read and been told that ‘we learn from our mistakes‘. Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Thanks for all the love you people are showering on my blog 🙂 May God bless you all and fulfill all you wishes 🙂




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

2 thoughts on “A Thank You Note To The Dying Year !

  1. U put it up , like a champion does. Keep writing the same way always. This piece has truth written all over it. and yes 2013 is going to be much much better. i pledge to everything u said too. 🙂


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