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The Eureka Moment !

Okay ! So, it’s been a month since I have updated my blog. I’ve been quite busy lately, and didn’t really feel like writing anything. Some major setbacks in the past one month, but now I’m all ready to move on and start afresh ! So, Eureka moment ! You guys might have heard this typical word, and most of you might have even experienced it. It’s all about, when we come to know, that this is it! This is what I wanna do with my life ! That enlightening moment, that is Eureka Moment !

I have had mine, three years ago, but never really got a chance. Chance in the sense, that I have never been able to seize that one opportunity of exposing my talent to the world. It’s been a year since I have been analyzing various news channels, Hindi and English, and it makes me restless to just sit and watch them. That is one urge to do something, to do something incredible and amazing with the passion that I have for writing.

Criticism is no doubt a part of every task you take up, but it should not creep in apprehensions in your mind about your passion, your talent. I really don’t know, what I am writing about. Just some random thoughts that are coming to my mind right now, I am typing those as fast as I can.

The question is, what to do after you have had your ‘Eureka Moment’? Sometimes, it’s like, we know that this is what we wanna do with our life, but never really get a chance to pursue it. I have been in this sphere, and I must tell you, it kills to be there. Not being able to do what you are passionate about, kills from inside. So the first thing is, leave everything, everybody aside, and do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream.

It’s good to be a pragmatist. Our parents always influence us, guide us, to take up so and so career, because they are pragmatist about life. It’s even good if you get their point, but it’s best if you convince them that no, what you are telling me, is just all money, but what I am saying is dream, aim, passion ! To ensconce in your dream, there’s nothing like that feeling.

I have yet to start to make my Eureka Moment a reality. Just warming up a little to realize my dream. Another thing which matters is confidence. Confidence that we have in ourselves, confidence that our parents have in us. Believe me, there’s nothing like the feeling of our parents believing in us, co-operating us at each step.

‘Inspire’ is the word which is so common, yet so appealing ! Even if you look at your maid, or the peon of your college/school, you will definitely find something or the other that is just so inspiring ! Look out for such qualities in an individual. Every human being is different, and it’s nothing like being a good student and learn from every person we meet.

Do it ! Do whatever it takes to accomplish what you dreamed about, once ! It feels good to experience this Eureka Moment, and feels great to make it a reality ! And we need to wait to experience it ! It’s never too late 🙂




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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