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I Quit !

Sounds like a very dramatic dialogue, right? Yeah, I picked it up from the very famous movie ‘3 Idiots’. I quit! The guy said and hung himself from the ceiling fan….

But here I don’t want to talk about suicides. That’s something too emotional, too delicate a topic to discuss and to handle too. So let’s just discuss ‘disappointment’ in general. Quite frequently do we feel disappointed from our lives, our future, our aspirations, our hopes etc. Teacher didn’t praise us before the class for all the hard work we put into some project, we feel disappointed. We proposed somebody, and got rejected, disappointed (end of the world for some people!). Plans went haywire, disappointed. Luck not by our side, disappointed. Disappointed disappointed disappointed !!!

I read a quote yesterday,” Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement”. That is the beauty of disappointment! Success is valued most by those people, who have never ever tasted it! Disappointment and failure helps to extract the best out of us. Until and unless we have experienced something disastrous, how will we ever learn to appreciate the good happening to us?

I have never tasted success straightaway ! Failures eventually led me to the much awaited path of success and we learn to value it, cherish it. A very simple example, ever scored 100/100 in a mathematics exam? You might have yearned for it, but didn’t really get to score that much! Might have envied from those irritating toppers who managed to hit the bull’s eye and score a perfect 100. Now imagine, 9th grade, final exams, and you go to school on the day of result, and OMG! You got 100/100 in mathematics ! Feels good right? But that feeling of total happiness came only after waiting for that moment. Sometimes you might have scored 98, but the feeling of scoring a 100 is a bliss ! And you know that because you have had those little disappointments !

Life, according to me is, all about experiences, which teach us that when something goes wrong, it is not the time to quit, but to start afresh. Every mistake you commit in life is corrigible ! Yes it is ! But first we need to think positive. If we get disheartened about every little setback coming our way, how will we ever march ahead? You think Big B was destined to be Big B? You think Bill Gates was born with that insight of changing our lives with the revolutionary Microsoft company? You think Late Mr. Steve Jobs made iPhone in one single go? You guys know very well that the answer to all these very simple questions is a ‘no’.

Valmiki, who wrote ‘Ramayana’, was a dacoit. When he looted Narad Muni, and somehow that incident changed his mind, he left his dreadful past behind and went on to write the holy book. If he would have said,”Oh! I have committed a heinous crime and I QUIT!”, he would never have become a great poet.

My point is, just leave the apprehensions behind. Leave the regret behind. Past is past. Work to make your present better and your future best. Never say ‘I Quit’. Hope sustains life 🙂 Good luck !





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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