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Explore Yourself !

Seriously, its been a while since I visited my blog ! Wanted to write a lot, regarding politics, economics and the likes. But I was not able to decide as to what I should start with. So, as now I’m totally free, I wanna start with something that is bothering me from some time and then will do a detailed study about the latest happenings in the world and write about that.

Writing is my passion. I love to write and through it, I want to reach out to maximum number of people and share my views about life in general. People always ask me on Twitter, why I just tweet news and all? The answer is, because I want to be a journalist. A journalist is the one, who is curious about the happenings in the world and equally curious to tell it to the world. So, that’s what I do. 
I don’t wanna bore you all by telling about my passion, qualities and all. Okay? So just leave it aside. Lets discuss something, maybe you all have faced it, at some point or the other. Its about LACK OF A GOAL. What you wanna do with your life? We are not here to eat, sleep, make money, and enjoy, right? If that’s your mantra, like in Punjabi we say,” Khao peeyo aish karo mittro”, then you are not even living your life. You are, technically speaking, just breathing. Converting oxygen into carbon dioxide and helping to maintain the ecosystem and yeah, also contributing your bit to the chronic problem of global warming ! Yeah ! That’s what you guys are doing !
Goal, Aim, Purpose, Dream. Such beautiful words do inspire us, right? And, practically speaking, I’ve wasted first 19 years of my life. Yes, I have. And I’ve seen people, of my age, who are doing so without even knowing that they are just adding up to the ever rising population, and not doing anything worthwhile.
Blah Blah Blah ! Sounds like a lecture, right? But seriously, have you guys ever thought what you wanna do? I mean even a dog has the quality of shooing away the theives and all. You must be good at something, right? Its such an interesting task to get to know yourself ! Meet the real you ! 
Human mind works better when we explain it with some examples. So lemme do that so that you guys can actually get to know what I wanna say. I have a friend. And if she would read this, she will get to know that I’m talking about her. She is an average student. Very naughty. Very easy going. She has no tension in life. She is 20. And till now, even after graduating, she has no idea what she is good at. And she is good at cooking, fashion designing etc etc. But she is still so much confused.
I had a discussion with my father. He was like, your biggest mistake was, leaving engineering and taking admission in B.A. I was like, you regret that, and I thank god for that. And I seriously do. That was the hardest decision I ever made, but I’m happy, because I know that I would have never been a good engineer. Just earning a degree of engineering is not what I want. That one decision, helped me to get to know the real me. I never thought of me being a journalist. Although, I’m still not a journalist, but then yeah, I’m confident that I’l become one, someday. 
Destiny is a very controversial word. Some take it in a negative sense and some in positive. Me? I take it in both ways. Destiny made me what I am. The very unexpected events that took place in my life after high school and during graduation, helped shaped my mind. And yeah, as they say, it was really a ‘Kismat Ka Khel’. Really. Because the events that took place appeared to be so unprecedented !
Everybody has a unique quality. Try to explore yourself. As that girl in ‘English Winglish’ told Sridevi that she was not born to make laddoos, in the same way, you guys are not born to live a life on someone else’s terms. Discover, explore, experiment ! Life is fun. Its a unique experience with so many unexpected, sometimes good, sometimes bad incidents. But believe me, and you can even ask yourself, are you not enjoying it? Isn’t every incident, good or bad, making you familiar with a different aspect of your personality?
Kindly, think about it and I’m gonna sign out. Did research about Syria and ended up writing another one of psychological type post LOL. So have a great day everyone and we’l meet soon with another post. And this time I promise I would come up with ‘Syrian Revolution’.


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

One thought on “Explore Yourself !

  1. Good post and nice analogy on English Vinglish scene.

    You had an unusual and very brave journey til now. Realising your passion..leaving engg. is something that I wish I could have done in my 1st year of engg.

    And waiting for your Syria post.


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