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Being A Perfectionist !

No, not like Amir Khan! But are you a perfectionist? Or rather, do you wish to be a perfectionist? We’l come to that, but first lets get ourselves familiar with the term ‘Perfectionist‘.

They say,’Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder‘. So, you can also say that ‘Perfection,too, lies in the eyes of beholder‘! Ever noticed that, lets say, when you wear a particular dress, some people just love it, and some find it ordinary? When you score 98/100, your mum finds it perfect, while your dad wished for 100/100. While you made a project putting in all your efforts, still your teacher didn’t like it that much, while another teacher said it was ‘perfect‘. 

Just some random examples you come across in your everyday life. While sometimes you, yourself, are satisfied with the end product, but some or the other person doesn’t find it to be that interesting. Or even vice-versa. ‘Perfection‘ itself does not have any particular definition. Its meaning changes from person to person. 

It has happened to me, so many times. During graduation, I used to put in my heart and soul into some projects, knowing that I had done a great job, I was not appreciated or lets say rewarded much. Yeah, to some extent I used to feel disheartened, but then the mantra is, you can’t please everybody.

While there are people who worship Mahatma Gandhi, others criticize him for not saving Bhagat Singh’s life. Its just a matter of your perception. A coin has two sides. Some people refuse to pay heed to the other side and just concentrate on one side. While some measure both sides equally and considers both while making a judgement. 

Even I don’t know whether to worship the Mahatma, or curse him for not saving Bhagat Singh. But yeah, I can say that being a Punjabi, and having that soft corner for Bhagat Singh, I would still praise the Mahatma for all that he has contributed to the Independence of India. Just my perception…

In politics, some like BJP, while others like me, like Congress. The blot of 1984 sikh riots mars the reputation of Congress. But we should not forget the genocide that took place in Gujarat too. So both the parties are equally responsible for the riots. Economy has tanked during the UPA-II regime, but the situation was no better when BJP was in power.

So again, just a perception, a perception that one party is better than the other. One person is better than the other. One project is better than the other. And, one dress is better than the other.

Originality is the key to success. Originality, in terms of your  principles, values, your behavior and also your thinking. So, ‘according to me‘, instead of achieving ‘perfection‘, achieve ‘originality‘. That’s it !!





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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