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Parents- Why are you always right?

Parents! Our God. The ones who leave no stone unturned to give us, literally, the best! From a rickshaw puller, to a successful entrepreneur, every parent wants the best for their children. But, sometimes you do feel that what you are being offered, is not the best! At least I have felt so!

Since childhood, I’ve never experienced any sort of greed or yearn for something. And that is because my parents did their best to fulfill all my wishes. You might find it quite relatable, right? Maybe its an attribute of every single parent on this earth! But lately, I’ve been feeling choked, chained and frustrated over this whole idea of giving your child the best!

Sorry, I’m not trying to criticize the role of parents, but really, its been like, in the hunt for the best for their child, parents sometimes ignore the happiness for their children. Okay. Not able to relate, right? Here’s the apt example; Farhan from  ‘3 Idiots’. Now! 

That is all I want to say. Parents see the future; a big car, a big house and a hefty bank balance. But not always do we want all this, right? Sometimes it maybe just a small house, a small car and a decent bank balance. Happiness has been given the utmost importance everywhere. But does happiness have to come from sacrificing our dreams and living the life of a person we don’t really know?

But then again, parents are parents, and I, as I like to blab a lot, am not able to find words to make my thoughts sound meaningful. Its like a race between security and satisfaction, not between parents and their child. Its the race between your dreams and your parents’ dreams. Whosoever wins, parents will always find a way to be happy with the outcome. But we,as impatient we are, will not like the parents to win.

Just talking about the difference in the psychology of parents and their children. Conflict of mind is everywhere, but when that conflict begins to be a hurdle in the way of your passion, that’s when it bothers the most.

Well, nobody can live without their parents, and living a dream against their wishes, will never give you satisfaction. But if you really have an ‘honest’ ambition, and you are desperate about it, you will find a way to convince your parents and thus will conquer even the impossible. Because when the blessings of our parents are with us, we can conquer the world. Stay blessed!




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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