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An Era of Social Media

Technological advancement has gripped every human being. A brilliant example is the blooming relationships and devastating break ups! Social media is touching every life, in some way or the other. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Skype etc etc. You name it and technology has it! From running businesses to finding jobs, from entertainment to information, ‘Social Media’ is that revolutionary tool, which will assist you in every walk of life!

I, personally, spend half of my day, hooked up to my phone and sometimes laptop. Even if I do not have the time to watch news, considering what a news buff I am, I just go to the Twitter app or the BBC app, and there it is! Every single news is right there in my hands! But what struck the chord was the invaluable use of Social Media as tool to voice my opinion. See, here I am, praising the mighty Social Media, which helps me to remain connected with you all, the strangers, who take out time from their busy schedules to read my posts! 

Lately, I’ve been closely watching the protests taking place in both Turkey and Brazil. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently blamed Social Media, Twitter in particular, for the increase in the scale of the protests in his country. So does Social Media has that impact? Does it really accelerate the protests, movements, or any development going on in a country? Well, if we talk about India, and go back to 17 December, 2012, we all will recall the mass protests that started that day when the news of the infamous ‘Delhi Gang Rape’ broke. Numerous candle light vigils, demonstrations and all. But what affected and, in a way, catalysed the protests, was the ‘Social Media’. Yes! If I talk about myself, I was hurt, and that very thought of how that innocent girl was tortured, gave me goosebumps, literally! But the lazy person in me never let me go out of my house and join the vigil against the ever increasing rape cases. So, I took help of Twitter and yes, my blog too. I would have tweeted every hour I guess, numerous tweets dedicated to the Delhi Braveheart, and against the people, who carry out such heinous crimes.

In our country, from tributes to announcements, all have become ‘tweets’. A celeb died, #RIP tweets will start trending. And most recently, Mr. LK Advani offered his resignation and OH MY GOD! he kept trending for two days on Twitter. Who can forget the announcement of retirement of the legendary, Sir Alex Ferguson. The minute he made that announcement, people took to Twitter and Facebook and expressed their utter state of shock. And following his league, was Jose Mourinho, who rejoined Chelsea. Such breaking news always witness people expressing their emotions on the Social Media. 

Those who have no choice left, but want to voice their opinion, take to such media. When Sarabjeet Singh died in Pakistan, people took to Social Media, when Bangladesh’s garment factory collapsed, people took to social media, when the US confirmed the use of chemical weapons by Syria, people took to Social Media and when the historical Pak elections were underway, people took to social media! From Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy to anti-Gay marriage protests in France, people have something to say and hence, Social Media is such a successful tool. 

“Lost his world and his life”, said Saudi Arabia’s religious police about the people who use Twitter and the like. Interesting, isn’t it? Leaders openly condemn Social Media. Girls are arrested for commenting on a status on Facebook. Why?? When leaders like Narendra Modi and Barrack Obama can post anything they want to on the Social Media, then why can’t the general public? Well, there have been misuse of Social Media. People post lewd pictures, videos, comments and tweets to deface someone. This is increasing to such a level that the victims sometimes commit suicides. 

With Social Media becoming an integral part of our lives, we need to use it with some basic etiquette, that does not hurt the sentiments of others. I read a very shocking post on a website, a female journalist was threatened and abused on the Internet for tweeting her views. She brought it to the notice of the police, but not all women are able to do so. So, we should understand that we have the basic right of freedom of expression. If you don’t like it, well that’s okay. Criticize it to a certain acceptable level, but abusing and threatening to rape the victim’s daughter, is that acceptable? Does this make you a human being?

I, hereby, urge and request the readers, use this extremely useful tool to make your opinion count. Use it for your entertainment, not to harass people. Use it judiciously and intelligently, for in the future, you can also be a victim! 





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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