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Syria and the World- What next?

Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. President, Nobel Peace Prize winner. Bashar al-Assad, educated in the West, dictator in the most dangerous place on Earth today, Syria. The Syrian civil war has not only affected the Syrians but also the world. Said to be the most devastating crisis, it has gripped the whole world in panic.
There are, currently, two groups. One is with Syria, the other, against it. Dow soars and plummets with just one statement by the top diplomats of the United States. Crude oil prices soar, even speculated that if the U.S. strikes Syria, petrol could reach a 100 bucks in India. So, even if you are not aware of the crisis, it will affect you! We have experienced the Rupee depreciation, we have seen the oil prices touching skies, we can see a lot, if the crisis continues to worsen in the near future.
The latest proposal or action that the U.S., particularly the Obama administration wants to take is a limited military strike on Syria. U.S. attorney general Eric Holder had earlier presented the picture of what will the States face, if it strikes Syria. This was before the horrific 21stAugust chemical attack, allegedly carried out by the Assad regime in which 1,429 people, including 400 children lost their lives.
No doubt the U.S. military intervention will have a negative impact on the American economy. We have already witnessed losses in the Wall Street and the worst would hit emerging markets if the States strikes Syria. But on moral grounds, is it right to allow Assad regime to carry out anything he wants to, to stay in power and eliminate his opponents?
I’m no one to comment on that. But I do have my views. I have this personal liking for Obama. I adore him so much for his dedication with which he is ending the brutal wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. He has stabilised the American economy, which was in recession owing to former President, George W. Bush. The American economy is now growing at a rate of 2.5%, which is quite a feat.
So, I have faith in Obama. I have faith in his decisions. Syria, backed by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iran and Russia, is not negotiating the brutal conflict politically. On top of that, one million lives lost. Two million refugees in neighbouring countries. 4.25 million civilians displaced internally. People have lost their livelihoods, their friends, families, everything. And what makes it even worse is the August 21st chemical attack. The visuals of the unfortunate incident, made public by the Obama administration, paints a clear picture of what the helpless Syrians are facing in their own homeland. Their own leader is killing them with utter brutality and has no sign of remorse for his ghastly behaviour!
Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to the American broadcaster CBS saying that he did not carry out the August 21st attack. He also said that if the U.S. strikes Syria, it will ‘retaliate’! What was more astonishing was when said,” Expect Everything!”. When asked what did he mean by ‘everything’, he said anything! When the interviewer asked even a chemical weapon attack? He said it is likely!
This is already a familiar fact that the Syrian regime has the possession of sarin, the chemical used to destroy rebel-held areas in Syria! Yesterday, the Russian foreign minister proposed to his Syrian counterpart that Syria should hand over the chemical weapons to the U.N. which was welcomed by the Syrian foreign minister.
John Kerry also said that Syria could possibly avoid the U.S. military strike by handing over its chemical weapons. So, as of now, there may be a possible delay in the military action against Syria.

Assad is roaming free in Syria after killing at least a million of his own people. Russia is supporting it blindly. Militant group from Lebanon, Hezbollah, is with Assad. The Arab League is divided over the issue. Obama and Francois Hollande did their best convincing G20 members to support the military action. UK parliament vetoed the proposal and so does Russia and China. Meanwhile, Syrians are living an awful life in refugee camps under constant fear of death and crimes against humanity.


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