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Gay Rights Flushed- Section 377 !

This morning, SC termed gay sex as illegal in India. It really left me pondering as to why the so called ‘ethics’ and the ‘traditions’ of India are affected by gay people? Is that really so? A coin has two sides, I know it’s a cliché, but still I’m gonna use it and reflect my views on the controversial verdict that has triggered an online debate.

There have been numerous movies made on this subject, ‘Dostana’ being the word used by all of us in India to mock gay people. But that is not because we ‘hate’ them. But, the social watchdogs are blaming the gay people of marring the image of India being a country of ethics.

Today, religious gurus are using religion as a cover to hide their ulterior motives of sexually harassing their devotees, ministers ‘stalking’ women, SC judges being blamed of harassment by interns, singers coming up with extremely vulgar songs, and inspite of that we are suddenly threatened by the gay people expressing their ‘love’ for each other. WHOA!

A country where half of the adult women are illiterate, we feel threatened of gay people. A country where rape and sexual harassment by the very ‘straight’ people, and child abuse are being overlooked, feels threatened of gay people. A country literally drowned in corruption, feels threatened of gay people!

The sanctity of marriage is questionable, when most of the men and women, today, are having affairs out of wedlock. When a ‘straight’ man openly confesses on national television of cheating three girls simultaneously, it doesn’t portray a wrong image of our country.  When programs like ‘Webbed’, ‘Emotional Atyachaar’, ‘Gumrah’ etc paint a clear picture of how the Indian society has really transformed, how the youth is getting involved in serious crimes, we don’t introspect, but prefer tagging gay people as being unethical.

I would not name her, but a female politician of a very prominent party gave this statement to a news channel that women politicians face much more struggle in their own party than male politicians. But this time, when the SC ruled in favour of the social watchdogs that gay sex is illegal, most of us were stunned but knew within, that this is what we can expect from a country like India.

Sorry, not India, this is going on in many countries, including ‘highly advanced’, The United States of America. Why does the society feel threatened of the gay people? Or is it that the mere thought of their child being one, scares the shit out of them?

‘Equality’ is just a word, even in the twenty first century. I feel sorry for all the gay people. But most of all, I feel sorry for those who think that being a gay is a crime, a punishable offence. Being a woman, I know how it feels, to be discriminated. I’ve faced it, I know the feeling. This is going too far; first being discriminated in the name of sex, caste, creed, colour, religion etc and now, on or sexual preference! Bravo!

Not being able to be who you are, not being able to express your desires, not being able to live freely, is depressing.  All I can do is pray to God to enlighten the minds of people who feel ‘threatened’ of the gay people.  And there’s one thing more I wanna say; embrace the people you meet with open arms, love them for who they are because that’s how you want to be treated. God bless all.



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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