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Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody ;)

Okay! So here it is! Nothing happy or cheerful or inspiring in this post. So,so, so happy for the fact that I’m finally writing a post considering how my Reliance dongle malfunctioned and I was without internet for months because I couldn’t decide which internet connection to get! That’s a different story. I tend to sway from the main subject, so kindly bear with me!

Okay now, phone switched off, Facebook window closed and the door of my room SHUT!

My favorite color is white. My favorite food, Dosa, masala dosa to be precise, and chilli chicken. My favorite Bollywood actor is Akshay or maybe Salman (can’t really decide between the two!). My favorite singer, everybody knows, Pitbull! This is really not my biography or something. Just sharing things which normally everybody I know, knows about me.

But nobody knows what I do all day, what do I think about all day, what was my ‘hideous’ past or maybe the wonderful memories I had. That’s the point. We are all surrounded by the people we love. People with whom we can share about almost anything. But the biggest myth is that you call a person as your ‘bff’ and say he/she knows every bit of my secrets. That not the truth. It’s a fallacy.

Maybe we have our tiny bits of secrets spilled over to certain specific people, for e.g. nobody knows that I spilled coffee over my new bed sheet last month except for my bff ( that’s because she was there at that time and helped me get it cleaned up!). That’s scary to me because my mum would have killed me if she knew I did that!

Sorry, again! My mind just swings around and hence I end up blabbing about things that are of little interest to my readers. So the point is, I’ve been going through this darker phase of my life in which when I look back, I actually ponder over the things that didn’t go well. This is just a more cleaner way to put it.

We all have committed certain mistakes that can never be rectified. And believe me, it is actually just about fine that the people closest to you have no clue what you have gone through, because sometimes its just good to being best friends with oneself.

Oh God! Again! I just can’t help but to write things positively!!!!

Just accept, accept what you’ve done ( not in front of anybody because that might backfire!!). Accept in your heart that you did not think sanely while acting the way you did. In my case, my wrongdoings have always been emotional. And to most extent, actually fully, I accept that all that happened in the past was because of me.

Maybe these things happen because they are supposed to happen. This is the way our life was supposed to shape. Believe me the way my life has transformed, a bigger chunk of what I went through last year, was because of my emotional mistakes.

Those dark, hideous secrets are meant to be buried with our corpse, or maybe burnt ( whichever religion you follow!). Is anyone of you getting a feeling that this is a confession post? I dunno, but I just had a feel that it is!

If I would’ve proofread it, I would’ve definitely deleted some lines! A lot actually!

I don’t wanna offend my friends, but someone told me 2-3 years back, that it’s best to hide your feelings, secrets from your friends. And it actually is working well for me!

Wait! That doesn’t mean I wanna encourage people to commit mistakes (sins sometimes). No! The whole point is that what’s in the past, SHOULD (yes in capital letters) remain in the past.Things that didn’t go well, how well you tried, is really not your mistake. Just look beyond all the worse things happening in your life. Like after a super-disastrous year career-wise, I’m entering into a new phase where I also have the privilege to actually erase the past!

Lone battle! Life is a lone battle. You all have no one by your side. People might help you at some point of your life (including parents), but in the end it’s just you and you! So, it’s up to you how you to take each and every step so that you don’t end up being in a mess!

I feel stupid right now, seriously, because at the very start of this post I said its not gonna be happy and blah blah blah! God, save me!!!! Okay, now get back to your work or daily chores, whatever! Thanks for your time and I’l be a regular now, I promise (if the Ambanis choose to be by my side, Reliance WiFi you see!).

Much Love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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