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What religion means to me?

What does religion mean to me? Lately, I’ve been struggling to find its answer, though, it’s well known to my family and friends that I am a firm believer in God. I worship Sai Babaji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Ganesh Ji. But from quite some time I’ve been feeling like I am an atheist. I want the answer to this question, ‘Am I an ATHEIST?’.

I would like to apologize in advance for some people may find this post offensive, but I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments intentionally.

I am a Sikh by birth. I’ve been educated in schools teaching Christian, Sikh and Hindu beliefs. My family has never taught me to discriminate between any religions so I am free to explore and embrace any religion I want to.

And here comes my suppressed journalistic self. Whenever I hear and see people of Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan and even India suffering; even killed in the name of religion, I lose my faith…

First let’s take the example of Pakistan. Sunnis are ruthlessly killing the Shias in the northwestern Pakistan. Be it elderly, kids or women, they don’t spare anyone. Last year when the Kenyan mall, Westgate, came under attack by the militants of Somalia, a suicide bombing took place in a church in Peshawar killing at least 70 people…

Then comes Syria. People say it’s a civil war. Corruption, monarchy system, political issues and many more things like that lead to the deadly war which has killed more than a million people in Syria. But some people also say that it is actually a sectarian war; between the Alawites, the sect of President Bashar al- Assad and the Shias.

Then let’s come to Iraq. Gone are the days when Saddam Hussein, a Sunni muslim, ruled the Shia dominated country. After his execution, the baton of government administration was handed over to the Shia government. 2013 has been the deadliest year in Iraq, in which at least 4,000 people were killed. Everyday, we hear news of suicide bombings taking place in the capital Baghdad.

Let’s head over to Nigeria, a country situated in the African continent and where its people live in constant fear of being killed by the militant group Boko Haram meaning western education is a sin. Yesterday only, a horrific and heart-wrenching incident surfaced from the country in which at least 29 teenage boys were killed in a school by this militant group. It gathered the girls of the school and told them to flee away with a message that they should be married off.

India is no different. Militants are not what the problem is. This deep rooted notion of religions being hurt by some way or the other is a problem. Every one of us familiar with Section 377 right? I still don’t get how the sexuality of a person hurts the religious sentiments of a community.

Similar examples of staunch homosexual laws have been witnessed all over the world. Recently, Uganda signed a law criminalizing homosexuality and its President went on to the extent saying that homosexuals are ‘disgusting’ and what they do is ‘terrible’.

Even the U.S. state of Arizona passed an anti-gay bill; its supporters saying that homosexuality hurts the religious sentiments. How on earth does a person being homosexual hurts their religious sentiments and not the ones who openly practice the ‘khap‘ system and/or blame women for the rapes?

And what’s up with this connection of education and religion? Why does women being educated is termed as being religiously wrong?

Why does when we Sikhs cut hair it’s wrong and when people from other religions do the same it’s okay! Why does eating beef is okay in Islam and not in Hinduism? Why does wearing white on the day of marriage of a Christian couple is okay but not so for an Indian bride?

My intention is not to offend or make people question their religions. My intention is to put forth the questions running in my mind.

I had come to a conclusion earlier this month that I am an atheist. But after a huge problem came up, I did pray to God. So, I feel that God is not associated with any religion. Religions are a way to connect with Him. Just like when we have to shop let’s say, if we are unable to go to the market, we can opt for online shopping.

I don’t know if I am making my point clear. All I mean to say is that God is not found in Gurudwaras or Mandirs or Churches or Dargahs. God is a power, like optimism, like endurance. God is within us. God does not ask us to please him with a ten rupee note, or half a liter milk.

This post might come as a cliche, now as I am writing, I feel like I am quoting some lines from the movie ‘Oh My God’. But that is really not the case.

Sikhism is not my religion. Being a humanitarian, a philanthropist is my religion.

The other day I was coming from my doctor’s with my dad and we stopped at the traffic lights. It was December, I think, and I was fully packed with cardigans and boots and jackets and was still shivering. And then came a girl, about 11-12 years old, wearing just a maxi with a torn shawl over her shoulders and barefooted. Now, I know that they’ve been forced into begging by some goons, but it really pinched my heart seeing a little girl in such a biting cold with barely nothing to provide her warmth.

If only I would’ve been independent. I wonder sometimes…

I think we all do.

God is a power friends, God is a power.

P.S.: I got a little heart attack just now because I accidentally closed this window without saving. For a moment I thought I lost this post forever. *sigh*





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

5 thoughts on “What religion means to me?

  1. I agree with you hasmeet. God is there, but i dont think religion is helping getting close to The God. I'm an atheist in a way that I dont believe in religion. I believe in God. You cant force your ways to someone. You are free to choose path, or dont choose at all, God is not expecting anything, we just have to behave like humans. We have to stop criticising other's practices. We have to stop disrespecting.,



    Being an ATHEIST is not the way to go……!!
    Serving the HUMANITY is your ETHICS and every Religion teaches the same.

    In Sikhism(or any other), ethics and religion go together. The inculcation of moral qualities and the practice of virtue in everyday life is a vital step towards spiritual development. Qualities like honesty, compassion, generosity, patience, humility etc. can be built up only by diligence and perseverance.

    One is responsible for his own actions. He cannot wash away our sins by just going to pilgrimages or taking a holy bath. Only God can forgive humans of their sins and meditation on God is the only way to receive God’s grace.

    THE GOD IS ONE, symbolized in Sikhism as “Ik Onkar”(one Creator). Just Believe the LORD and do the goods for the world….!!


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