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Oscars Red Carpet and What Not!!

The much awaited OSCARS !!!! 

Oscars is every artist’s envy! Oscars is a shiny, glittery, extravagant, dreamy, a storehouse of the greatest of the film industry. Oscars! 

The 86th Annual Academy Awards just concluded in Hollywood, California. And the girl I’ve been rooting for, Lupita Nyong’o from Kenya, did win the prestigious award for best supporting actor female for her stupendous performance in Steve McQueen’s12 Years A Slave‘.

But that’s not all what I am really excited about Oscars every year. Oscars is a platform where the stalwarts of the film industry dress their best and the fashion police keeps an eye on them. Those gowns, those beautiful jewels, updos, perfectly tamed hair… Oscars is every girl’s dream.

I’m confused, what star should I start with. Lupita or Angelina? 

Okay, let’s take Lupita first. She’s the current favorite of every designer. Seen impeccably dressed in every award ceremony this year and even on fashion shows and other social events. And her oh-so-hot mohawk! She has like the perfect skin. And this year, Oscars’ audience was stunned when Lupita walked the red carpet with a Cindrella-style pastel blue Prada gown with a low neckline. She teamed it up with Fred Leighton headband and jewellery. That beautiful smile and down-to-earth attitude and the flowy gown which perfectly accentuated her figure, Lupita looked hell lot of a sexy woman.

Lupita didn’t disappoint anybody, considering the high expectations everybody had from her. Be it her ethereal BAFTAs emerald green Christian Dior gown,
or the caped Ralph Lauren red gown that she wore to the Golden Globes this year.

Lupita, ironically, lost to Jennifer Lawrence in both the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes this year but won the Oscars!

Next, I would like to talk about the lady with the most enviable lips and hot-bod, Angelina Jolie. She, personally, won my heart because of the designer she chose. 
Angie wore a spectacular metallic embellished Elie Saab gown (Elie Saab is my favorite designer!). The way she walks, head held high, wearing a compassionate smile on her face, she looks like a born diva. And she did total justice to the gown, with the way she had styled her hair, perfectly swept behind with a side parting! And when you have Brad Pitt as your date, you are bound to look like a bombshell! Brangelina looked so adorable at the BAFTAs wearing matching tuxedos, Angie’s tux by Saint Laurent and Brad’s by Valentino (they looked perfect as against Madonna’s Ralph Lauren tux at the Grammys!).

Sci-fi british movie ‘Gravity’ bagged the most awards. And the female lead, Sandra Bullock, looked oh-so-gorgeous in the navy blue fishtail Alexander McQueen gown. I actually fell in love with this one, the way it complimented her perfect curves, she looked like a goddess.
And her side-swept waves, PERFECT! 

Jennifer Lawrence, like she has given some kinda contract to Christian Dior, wore, as already expected, another Dior gown. 
Jlaw wore this pretty Dior pleated peplum with her famous pixie cut which she chose to keep simple for this night. The red-orange color completely complimented her skin color and the peplum showed just the right curves on her body. After a disastrous and ‘wardrobe malfunctioned’ tagged puffed Dior gown that she wore to the Golden Globes this year, she managed to keep the mouths shut with this excellent piece.
Well, partially shut because she again tripped at the Oscars, but this time at a different spot, the red carpet itself.

Her last year’s Dior was the maximum level of perfection,

but this Oscar winning actress did it again this year with her, apparently, favorite designer Dior.

American Hustle’ nominee for the Best Actor in leading role female, Amy Adams, rocked the Gucci gown with her elegant looks and perfect bod! 

Amy wore this beautiful Gucci premiere blue strapless gown and went for an updo. She teamed this look with Tiffany and Co. jewellery.

This year, if anyone managed to draw maximum eyes toward her gown, it has to be Kate Hudson. God-oh-God she looked ‘I’m speechless’ in that caped Versace gown.
Looks like age is just a mere word for this actress as she clearly defeated the younger lot actresses when it came to the best dressed at the red carpet. Her blond side swept waves, that plunging neckline and that low back, she looked exceptional!

Julia Roberts, as she is, never been able to appeal to me when it comes to fashion, wore a black lace tuxedo detailed Givenchy gown. 

The coolest actress, South African, Charlize Theron wore and exceptionally beautiful Dior gown.
The fabric, as it seems, light at the bottom and perfectly fitted at the top, looks like this gown has been made just for her! And she teamed it up with $15mn worth Harry Winston jewellery! Beat that!!!

I was wondering if any of the actresses wore a piece by my second favorite designer, Valentino; well at least Olivia Wilde didn’t disappoint me! ‘A pregnant woman is a beautiful thing’ said Matt LeBlanc and she looked just that! Beautiful in that black Valentino with a cute baby-bump!

Lady Gaga shocked everyone with that gorgeous pink strapless Atelier Versace gown with a train length scarf and a sleek bun. She sure did look like a lady at last!

Oh! Almost forgot the big winner! Cate Blanchette, who won an Oscar for her role in the movie ‘Blue Jasmine’, looked subtle and royal in the Armani Prive chiffon embellished nude gown. And those blonde locks, simply amazing!
And other favorites were Anne Hathaway in the Versace black and golden halter gown with her edgy pixie cut.

Emma Watson in Vera Wang. Red lips and side parted updo. She’s a grown up woman now!

Last but definitely not the least by any means, Jessice Beil and her gorgeous Chanel gown!

Lupita Nyong’o gave a heartwarming acceptance speech which ended with, ” When I look down at this golden statue may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid. Thank you.”!

And she also danced a bit with Grammy winner Pharrel Williams!
No, we’re not done yet. There is a photograph of the hottest couple of Hollywood that is worth sharing! Brangelina ladies and gentleman!

And the group selfie that crashed Twitter for a few moments! The most retweeted post ever on Twitter (When I retweeted it, it had already crossed 1 million in just 4 minutes!)!

Congratulations to all the winners esp ‘12 years a slave‘ and Matthew McConaughey and the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o!

P.S.– Didn’t mean to offend anybody. All the opinions are mine 🙂




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