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Procrastination- The Evil !

I never start writing a post until I have a strong urge to do so! 

So what is this thing called ‘Procrastination’ anyways? When you make up your mind before going to sleep to wake up early in the morning and complete that assignment your teacher gave you the other day, and end up being in bed until it’s time to leave for college! When you set an alarm to wake up early and go to gym, or running, or your yoga classes but in the morning just avoid it for the fear of losing that comfortable environment of your cozy bed!

There’s this voice in our head, that keeps on telling us that ‘oh, don’t worry, you’ve plenty of time to do so and so work’ and that ‘oh, maybe some other day’. These voices are constantly pulling us back from what can be a life changing experience for us or what can lead us to our goal!

This Grammy nominated song ‘Brave’ by Sara Barreiles keeps me motivated whenever I feel sad or low or just lazy. So before writing this post (Which I had decided to write tomorrow!), I listened to this song for like 10-15 times and it motivated me so much that I switched off my cellphone, shut the door of my room, took out my laptop, and when I switched on my laptop, I was about to click on the Facebook bookmark! Now that’s the voice, that I heard, ‘just check a lil bit of Vogue’s or Harper Bazaar’s or BBC’s news feeds, and then after a few minutes start with the post!’. That, my dear friends, is PROCRASTINATION!!!

I can’t stress much on how procrastination has adversely affected our lives and distanced us from our goals. It’s not just when it comes to a workout regime, or that assignment or eating healthy, procrastination sometimes creeps into our relationships too! When you need to get out of a bad relationship, that voice tells you that maybe it’ll get better later on, or maybe you’ll find someone more worse than this guy/girl!

Just get over it!!!!

First, tell that effin voice, that bitch. I AM THE BOSS not you!!!

Ever wondered how Obama manages to juggle national and international affairs so efficiently? If, say, he sets his alarm clock at 6 a.m. every morning and fails to get up, he won’t be able to cover all the tasks of his prepared schedule! What if he misses out on the Ukraine crisis just because he didn’t have enough time due to procrastination!!

All these successful people out there, be it Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, David Cameron or even Pope Francis; all had to deal with procrastination to be where they are today! God has gifted us all with equal potential. He doesn’t picks out his favorite ones and they get to be the Presidents or Prime Ministers or Billionaires. Its just these people get out of their comfort zones and use that effin potential to take the best out of them!

A very funny example came to my mind! During graduation, we all used to be like bunk classes a lot and we were like, ” We’ll be regular from next Monday!” But alas! That Monday never came. Now that’s procrastination!!!

So achieve some goal, be it having a healthy and sexy body, or cutting on those extra carbs, or being a regular to school/college or just doing something you’ve been meaning to do for so long, you’ve to get over this effin PROCRASTINATION!!

Me saying all this doesn’t mean I am free of procrastination! Oh NO!! I was supposed to write a speech for my friend on Monday, but look it’s Thursday and I haven’t written a word! I feel like I am the laziest person on this earth! But at the end of the day, we all feel so, don’t we?

Inspire yourself, look upto those who have overcome this evil and are leading a life on their own term and not of that ‘voice’. Just tell yourself, that you are the boss. Keep reminding yourself that you can do it!!!

Isn’t being able to achieve what you always wanted like desperately the best feeling ever? Then why deprive yourselves of this beautiful feeling just for a few moments of laziness? Think over it !
P.S.- Pray for #MH370 ! Although, the chances of survival are bleak, but at least we all can pray for the family and friends of the passengers 🙂 Keep pouring love and love is what you’ll get in return 🙂

Much Love,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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