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Boko Haram.You know what does that mean? Western education is forbidden. Yep! That’s what it stands for. An insanely disgusting part of the al-Qaeda which has killed more than 1500 people this year alone in Nigeria.

Boko Haram…

This Islamist militant group has gone way beyond its fight to stop the western education in Nigeria.

A few weeks back, this group burnt some 20 school boys alive in their own school and told the schoolgirls to run to their homes and stop studying and get married instead….

Several bomb blasts…. Every week… Yes, every week, I listen to the news that Boko Haram has killed several people in bomb blasts, or shot down several villagers, or abducted people. This group doesn’t ever fail to disgust me. 

But this time, it has crossed its limit!

#BringBackOurGirls is an initiative to awaken up the otherwise sleepy government of Nigeria, who has failed to even track the approximate location of some 230 schoolgirls abducted by this militant group. It has been 3 weeks! 3 long weeks. The girls were abducted on the 14th of April. The news came out that around a hundred schoolgirls have been abducted in the Borno state of Nigeria out of which some 20 girls have managed to escape.

But since last week, it has come forth, and been rather made very clear, that more than 230 schoolgirls have been abducted by Boko Haram. The exact number is still not clear! And what does the government do? It does nothing, absolutely nothing!

After almost three weeks, Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has made a public statement, saying that the government will do its best to bring the girls back home safe. He also said that he is ‘happy‘ that there are no reports of any harm being done to the girls. And what does his wife do? The Nigerian First Lady Patience Jonathan orders the arrest of a protest leader of the movement, Naomi Mutah. How disgusting is this?

Well, wait! It gets much worse….

After the President’s statement, a video is released by this insanely disgusting man, who calls himself as the leader of  Boko Haram and ‘confirms’ that his group has, indeed, abducted the girls. He even goes on to say, thus displaying his disturbed mental balance, that Allah has ordered him to ‘sell the girls off’, and that they were HIS properties and he will carry out HIS instructions!!!

This has made me angry to the core! I can’t even express how much astounded, disgusted and annoyed I am at this repulsive group who should be taught a lesson that you don’t ‘fight’ like this, if you call yourselves a MAN!!!

That video, the way that bastard was declaring with utter bravery that he, indeed, has abducted them; it made me wanna slap him, wanna rip off his head!!!

Well, if the Nigerian government didn’t sympathize the agony of the parents of these girls, the international community did. Many rallies have been taken out by people across the world including the United States. 

I can just pray for the safety and well being of those girls and can well imagine what they all would be going through.

Being educated is the best feeling ever! It makes me feel empowered! It makes every woman on this planet feel empowered. Then why deprive us off this great opportunity in the name of religion? What has religion got to do if we want something better for ourselves? What does religion has to do, if we want to become independent and give back to our society? Why does people like these can’t see us be happy, be powerful, be strong? 

Education is a right, a basic right which should be given to every child, irrespective of the gender! 

I condemn this shameful act of Boko Haram and thus show my solidarity with the parents and the victims of this disgraceful action!

Praying for every girl,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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