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True Happiness!

You’ve got to learn to appreciate people! That’s it. That’s how you’ll be happy.

Here’s the exaggerated version…

If I would ever, like even 0.1%, appreciate the things that I’ve been blessed with, bestowed upon by the almighty, I might find that ‘true happiness’ that many crave for…

We humans are very selfish. That’s a known fact. Nothing new about it. We, even, are very greedy. That’s also a well known fact.

Now, let’s talk about it, pragmatically.

It’s an emotional phase for me. Many huge changes, career wise and personally. I’m a human. I do get sad. But I know that I’ve had the privileges that many dream of. Even if I cry whole day, there’s a sense of gratitude in it. And I do cry whole day. I cry when I see something bad happening to people and I even cry when I see something good happening to people. That’s just a sensitive side of me.

But, I would not lie. I cry most of the times because of the things, the people I don’t have in my life anymore.
Now, many people in this world do not exactly achieve what they want. So, should they stop living their life?
Even contrasting is the fact that there are many people who achieve everything and still aren’t happy (been reading ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’!).

What is missing, then?

APPRECIATION! That’s all. Or you can call it GRATITUDE…

A simple example- If you ain’t tall enough or even fit enough, you get sad. You do, don’t you? But ever thought of those people who don’t even have their limbs, maybe eyes, or the ones suffering with cerebral palsy? Do they die or what?

NO! They don’t get sad.

Paralympics is an excellent example of gratitude. I mean, we don’t have that thing. That determination, that vigour with which these people live their lives, we totally lag behind.

We get sad when someone leaves us? Most of these handicapped people have been abandoned by their families and they still manage to live happily! I don’t mean to convey the message of ‘You can live without your family’, but all I’m trying to say is that we need to learn the quality that these people see and we are negligent towards.

When I was in ninth grade, my school hosted a sports event for handicapped people. I mean, being fit and fine, I never took part in sports and they won medals! It’s such a shame for me!
Now, being sad is a part of life. Loving someone truly; be it your spouse, your parents, your friends, your career, your car etc etc, that’s totally inevitable! But what we need to learn is that we should never be dependent on these things or people. Sure, we must care for and love people, but then this does not mean that we should forget the whole point of life?

People come and go, but life doesn’t stop then and there! It, ironically, goes on.

Gratitude will keep you moving forward in life and will keep you grounded and sane.

Appreciate the time you spent with the people whom you’ve lost, for some reason or the other. Those memories will stay with you forever…
I know, I’m saying this, but even after that, I’ll cry. But that’s good. Just let it all out. Never stop loving, never stop appreciating.

People live with just one meal a day and what the heck are we sad about? I mean, you guys are reading this post sitting in front of your PC or laptop or maybe on your phone or tab! You might have had a hearty meal and still manage to gorge on some snacks! How effin blessed are we?!!

So, to sum up, open up your dictionary and look up to the meaning of ‘gratitude’ and incorporate it in your lives and voila! There’s your happiness!!

Kidding! But just learn to be more appreciative towards life J

Keep loving…

Loads and loads of love,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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