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YOU are an inspiration!

I would like to start with how this topic clicked to me. I’ve developed this major YouTube addiction and apart from the fashion and beauty vlogs, I like to watch some inspirational videos too. But recently I watched a video of my favourite YouTube fashion vlogger Evelina Barry about her life ( Then I went on to watch Jessica Harlow’s ‘Draw My Life’ video and it was an eye opener (
 I mean, earlier I used to be like, “Gosh! These girls are so perfect! They’ve all the luxuries every girl ever wants”. But after watching these two videos, it became clear to me that even the perfect of people have had their share of hardships in life. Mimi Ikonn, from Luxy Hair, is also one of my favourite and her life has been full of struggles. But, according to her recent video, she is currently living her dream life! (
Now, you guys may not know who these girls are. Ordinary girls but with extremely inspirational lives…!
Things don’t always go our way. This is the harsh reality of life. We struggle to cope up with the sudden changes life brings. It is not how you failed, but how you managed to get up even after failing not one, not two, not three but several times, that matters!
A mistake we all do is to find inspiration in the people who are at the very top of their game! Sure, we can learn one or two things about how they reached there, but we MUST NOT idolise them! Oh no!
And that one person whom we fail to find that inspiration in, is ourselves.
Life is a lone battle. Sure, we do have some close relations like our friends, our family etc etc. But these people will help you succeed only if you’re willing to. Like, they can only subtract 1-2% of your workload, but that 98%, you’ve to put in!
I do look up to certain people. I draw inspiration from my mum, my dad, my brother ironically, even my friends.  But most of all, I draw inspiration from my own life.
We all have had our share of struggles. Every person you meet is battling hard to achieve something or the other. Be it their career, health, family, peace of mind, love etc. Why not learn the lessons of those struggles in their life and try to incorporate them to succeed?
Take an example of how your life was one year back, or for a clearer picture, two years back. What were the hardships you faced during these two years? The people you lost? The opportunities you had but were not sure how to use them? The wrong decisions you made? But most of all, how did you manage to get over the trauma you suffered from those setbacks and are living the life at present?
Aren’t you an inspiration big enough to inspire yourself in the biggest of way to conquer the world? Aren’t you still fighting a long battle to make an identity of yours in this world? Aren’t you a warrior in a true sense? A big salute to you!
All I would say is carry on with the battle and never forget that you are the BEST! Even if you’re not an Obama or Avicii or JLo or maybe a Big B, you’re sure the king/queen of your own little world. And I’m sure that when these people will hear your story, they’ll surely be inspired!
Keep moving forward with dedication and an accelerated vigour. You’ll fall, sure, but when you’ll rise thereafter, there will be contentment in that fall. It doesn’t matter what opportunities you had. But what you make of with the given, is what matters the most!
Okay! FIFA 2014 fever is running high among all the soccer fans! That adrenaline rush, that unconditional support for their teams is a treat for the heart. But let’s not also forget that several people are being killed in Iraq where the ISIS militants have captured key town of Mosul, Tikrit and Baquba. Pray for the families suffering.
And, keep loving J
Much love,


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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