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An Independent Person

Weird thoughts run through my mind. And this time it is the idea of being an independent person. Interesting and an eye-opener I would say.

Things got serious when I visited Gurudwara Alamgir Sahib last week with my family. I didn’t feel religious or ‘related to God’. All I thought was that I’m here for langar (free food served at Gurudwaras). Selfish of me, I know. But that’s the way it was!

And then, a thought; why the hell are we so effin dependent on God? I mean when we were about to enter the Gurudwara, my mum told me and my brother to ask for wisdom from Babaji. If things would’ve worked this way, I would be married to Pitbull and living in the United States, working for the BBC and earning millions of dollars every month! 

But this isn’t the case people!

I’m not gonna rant about the convoluted religious customs, as I do that in my every post these days. Let’s get a little more realistic. 

How many of us get sad when our boyfriends or girlfriends don’t have time for us? How many of us cancel a plan we’ve been waiting for eagerly all because of one person?

Most of the answers are a clear YES and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Because that’s human nature. I don’t go anywhere alone because I don’t like people staring at me. But when I’m with my friends, I feel comfortable. When a very close friend of mine doesn’t talk to me all because of a misunderstanding, I get sad and think about it for days or maybe weeks. 

These things happen. it is OKAY!

But what’s not okay is to let these things happen again and again. Because believe it or not, they’re making you weak. You need to have that sense of confidence that you can live your life without being dependent on anybody. 

This is life. People come and go. How many of you are actually in contact with your exes or maybe your ‘best friends’ from high school? Life looked pretty tough without them at a certain point. But we all are doing okay or maybe better in the present, right?

People cry over a certain person leaving them and say all kinda crap.


But aren’t you living?

What’s the problem then? 

We all tend to be victimized or sometimes think of us as a victim when clearly we are not. Think rationally. What is it that this person has and you don’t? A cliche- God made us all equal. Why do we keep forgetting that? There is no other person on this planet that is more stronger than you, yourselves!

We seek strength in God, in our family, in our friends, our spouses, our partners and I dunno who else. Why? For whom are we saving our inner strength for? 

There is nothing, absolutely nothing on this planet that you can never achieve. Even sex-change operations are possible God damn it!

What are we waiting for?

Just try to look within and find your inner strength. You’ll never need a person to be dependent upon after that!

Just earning money and living in your own house, driving your own car isn’t independence. True independence lies in the fact that you have the capability to do anything on your own. And you my friend, have that capability!

Good luck Germany and Argentina! Another World Cup gonna wrap up! Damn we are getting old!

Much Love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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