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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict- The Latest!

Last year, it seemed as if the Israel and Palestine are ready for a mutual peace agreement when the US Secretary of State John Kerry restarted peace talks. 

But the hope soon came to an abrupt end…

June 12, 2014– Three Israeli teenagers aged between 16-19 were allegedly kidnapped by Hamas militants in the West Bank when they were hitchhiking to their homes. 

President Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the Hamas militants for the kidnappings which was denied by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

June 30, 2014– Bodies of the 3 abducted Israeli teenagers were found in a field near the town of Halhul, north of Hebron. Their funeral takes place the next day in Israel.

July 3, 2014– Israel begins reinforcing its military forces on its border with the Gaza Strip amid heightened tensions with the Palestinians. Israel says the move is part of the response to mortar and rocket fire from Palestinian militants from Gaza.

July 4, 2014– A Palestinian teenager, Mohammad Abu Khadair, 16, is kidnapped early morning, at around 4, from his home in Jerusalem and later found dead. His funeral takes place amid protests. It is later found that he was burnt alive.

July 7, 2014 (Day 1)– A war like situation builds up in the Gaza Strip as both sides fire rockets. Hamas militants say 5 of its fighters have been killed by Israeli rockets.

Day 2– At least 15 people killed.

Day 3– At least 40 people killed.

Day 4– At least 80 people killed.

Day 5– At least 105 people killed.

Day 6– At least 120 people killed.

Day 7– At least 159 people killed.

Day 8– At least 175 people killed.

Day 9 (July 15, 2014)– At least 192 people killed and still counting.

These are mere facts, the situations that led to an international crisis. Innocent civilians being killed each day ruthlessly without any check. An international outcry, but to no avail. 

Egypt proposed a ceasefire on the 14th of July, which Israel has accepted. There has been no word by the Hamas militants, at least at this point of time (13:15 IST, July 15, 2014).

Their conflict ranges from a plethora of issues ranging from border to water issues. This has been going on since the mid-20th century.

But why haven’t they solved it yet?

A mother of 8, in the Gaza Strip said that she cries all day long, not because of the continuous shelling, but because her children can never have the childhood that other kids around the world can.

A 22 year old law graduate was brutally injured and was left with no limbs.

An 8 year old girl, an IVF child, who was born after 5 unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, was hit by an Israeli rocket. Her parents have died.

At least 1,400 people like these two have been injured, some left crippled for life. They have nowhere to go as their homes have been razed to ground by the shelling.

Some people are so helpless that they want to leave their homes and go to a safer place, but unfortunately, they’ve nowhere to go…

Some, who’ve braved to leave their homes and their precious belongings behind, have taken refuge in local schools. The UN says that around 17,000 Palestinians have taken refuge in the refugee camps.

The local mortuary in the Gaza Strip doesn’t have enough space to keep the increasing number of dead bodies, so they’re stuffing two bodies together…

Residents of a partially damaged house in Gaza said that there neighbors got a warning to vacate their home within 3 minutes as it was to be hit by the rocket. They, however, got no such warning. There house was also damaged…

Such stories make me emotional and angered at the same time. Why resort to war? Is war the only solution? The leaders are safe and sound, but what about hundreds of people being killed in such brutal offensives? Who is responsible for them?

Maybe this war will end in a ceasefire, but what is the guarantee that this horrendous crime will not take place in future? What about those who lost their everything in these 8-9 days? 

STOP JUSTIFYING THE SHELLING, either from the Hamas militants or the Israeli army. VIOLENCE CANNOT BE JUSTIFIED!!!




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