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Happy Birthday BFF!!

Usually, well grammatically, ‘best’ is only one. But I’ve so many beautiful souls in my life that it’s hard to choose one as my best friend.
But today I want to talk about that one person who is so so sooooooooo special to me, that I feel blessed to have him as my best friend. He is like a sibling I never had!
Sometimes when I’m all emotional, I text him all kinda crap. One day I was like that maybe I would’ve really been a  good gal in my previous life that God blessed me with you as my best friend….!! I know! Pathetic! But sometimes that’s the way it is!!
So, today, on his birthday, I wanna show him how thankful I am to God for sending him into my life!
I’ve grown up a lot. I know everyone of us have because it tends to happen. LOL! I was this really shy, stubborn, immature girl back in school days. I still am, but the extent of it has toned down!  Many people came and left. Left for GOOD! But many people stayed too.
Sahil Narula is the one who has seen it all.
Witnessed my crazy days, my lonely days, my good and my bad days. He has seen it all.
And he has been there with me like a pillar of support, a lighthouse…
I won’t say that he knows it all. Because, referring to a previous post of mine- Shhhhh… Don’t tell anybody, which was quite sporadic and not something I will try again, at least in the near future; I have learnt to keep some things to myself.
But nonetheless, he believes in me. He knows when I am wrong and the best thing, truly the best thing about him that I absolutely adore, he never judges me.
I have my girlfriends, who sometimes turn judgmental and frankly, that is not what I, personally, feel is a good quality.
It might be hard to digest, but he is the only person I know who doesn’t like to talk about people behind their back. I mean, even the ones who hurt him, or are usually annoying, I’ve never seen him badmouthing about anyone! How’s it even possible? But this guy ain’t some normal human being people!
And then, he is not someone who loses his anger. Now this is a must have for me, because I’m a short-tempered human being and I need someone to pacify me and he does that!
Though, okay, it’s his birthday and I should talk about all the happy things, but once we got into this huge fight, like some 2-3 years back. It was so stupid. He texted me that one of his classmates is his best friend. I went all crazy and scolded him a lot. And then we didn’t talk for like 3-4 months. I didn’t even wish him on his birthday. But he, the good guy he is, made up for all the childish behavior of mine, and patched things up on my birthday! Thank God he’s not arrogant like me!
Okay, I’m thinking of writing something negative about him, but it’s all blank! Can’t think of anything! He’s so perfect and he’s MY BEST FRIEND!!!! I’m so proud of this fact!
Understanding is must, and when it’s your friends, it becomes more important. Because there are times when your family doesn’t quite get what you want, but your friends do. Friends are such, whom you can count on.
I don’t know about anyone. I know my friends would be reading this too and guys I’m sorry, but maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll never be the best of friends. But when it comes to Sahil, I know he’s gonna be there forever.
There were days when we used to talk for hours over phone about absolutely nothing. And now, we hardly talk over phone, because I find it quite difficult to take calls (quite a task in itself, isn’t it?). But we make sure that we annoy each other with absolute crap on Whatsapp.
We’re like brothers!! Yes!! I admit!! Bro, we’re like brothers!!
And whether it’s the countless number of crushes I have or those obstacles in my career, he’s gonna be there, making fun of it all but standing by me to face the adversities.
I dunno about me, but I hope he gets married soon!!!
No love this time,
But bro, its gonna be,
Have an amazing birthday my K**I, T***U and K*K*I. A guy like you deserves nothing less than the best!!!

P.S. I might have missed some things, but that’s okay. I don’t wanna praise you much 😉
 A birthday punch,


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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