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So wake me up when it’s all over!

Avicii said-
“So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older, all this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost….”

I am a different person than you are. You could be a party goer whereas I like to be in quiet. You could be an animal lover, whereas I’m a little scared of them. We all are different. Our personalities, our attitudes are all distinct. Ever wondered why?

One thing we all know for sure is that we are not the same person we were five years ago.

Let me tell you my story, the shorter version. I was an aggressive kid. My dad was actually quite worried about me as to how I would ever make friends or even socialise. I used to fight with whom I had a difference of opinion, be it my class fellows, my seniors, my teachers, and one time I even had a huge argument with the vice principal of my school. Anybody from GNPS, Sarabha Nagar? I had a fight with the iconic Lamba sir!

God I was a crazy person back then. I always thought I would grow into this fierce lady with an over-aggressive behaviour and would die but would never apologise. But right now, I can tell you for sure, it’s not the case at all..!!

I’ve managed to secure my emotional side, but the aggressive one; it has toned down a lot!

What is the reason behind it all? I’ve always wondered and now I know it for sure!

We all make some decisions. We all try to stand out in the crowd and in the process, we make some changes in our personalities. We mould ourselves to achieve that goal. We, in short, become the slaves of that goal.

I might not be surprised if that sounded totally senseless to you guys! So, here comes another story!

I wanted to be an engineer, went down the gutter. I wanted to be a banker, went down the gutter again. Actually, I threw it in the gutter myself so that doesn’t count, right?. Then I worked so effin hard and gave everything to the dream of becoming a journalist and well, that ended in the biggest disaster of my life…

I had seriously given up all hope, until one day my elder brother told me over phone that I wasn’t having a Plan-B all this time! Or even a Plan-C or a Plan-D! Wasn’t it like the most simplest of talks? But it seriously struck the chord and now, baby, I had a million plans just to reach my goal. But what happened next, my goal changed!!! I mean like, oh my GOD!!!

I wanted to write, for sure. But now I wanted to write for the happiness of people. I wanted to travel places, meet all kinds of people, explore this journey called LIFE!!! And I can tell you for sure, it has been the most amazing year so far!!

All because I didn’t confine myself to a definite plan, I welcomed all the surprises, all the hurdles, all the gifts that life bestowed upon me!! I’m, currently, loving it! Like seriously, loving it all!!

And what more? I’ve made major changes in my life in the past one month. Gotten rid of a few people, started a new life and it’s amazing. My actions aren’t confined. I’m not a slave anymore!!

And one thing’s for sure, now I know that I’m developing my mind, my personality, naturally. Now I can be who I wanna be without an extra burden of ‘sticking to the plan’. This is not an artificial growth, this is the real one!

It feels good. It feels like I’m on a cloud. All this time when I thought I had a clear picture of how my life would look ten years from now, it surprised me and now I’m not afraid. I’m like bring it all, come on!!

Why don’t we all live like this? Why do we make plans and let them rule us? Why not let life surprise us and hence truthfully shape our personality? What if I actually love animals and all this time because I was a slave, I didn’t explore that side? What if I wanna dance to the tunes of DJ Afrojack and rock that dance floor with strangers but, what the hell, I never loosen up myself!! Hmm… I’ll give a serious thought to it!!

Let it all out guys and live freely!! You gonna love the surprises!!!
Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed the worst floods in half a century. Hundreds dead…. Lacs stranded… Heart wrenching stories… It’s a difficult time for our fellow citizens and I urge you all, kindly donate, if not money, then food items, medicines, your old clothes, candles, ropes, tents: just about anything that can bring a little solace to the victims… And most of all, keep praying for them!
Much Love,


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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