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Pakistan’s Nobel Peace Prize… A question mark?

The day Malala Yousufzai won the coveted Nobel Peace Prize along with Kailash Satyarthi, I was hugely disappointed. Not because I’m Indian and I’ve anything against her, but the whole praise she’s been getting for her supposed ‘women education’ campaign is beyond my understanding.

I might offend some of you, I might draw hatred with this post, but I wanna scream out loud, MALALA DOES’NT DESERVE A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

In 2012, I was a huge admirer of Malala. Her courage made me wanna do something for the unfortunate women of my country. Her simplicity made me a huge fan of hers. Then, the most unfortunate thing happened… Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban when she was travelling in her school van in the Swat valley.. I did pray a lot for her recovery…

I thank God that she survived! It was a miracle! A young girl, who wanna study and make her community and country proud, survived. Her dreams are alive, she is alive!

She went on to become a huge celeb overseas. Good for her. 

But very few of us actually know what happened back in the Swat valley after Malala recovered.

Her friends who were with her at the time she was shot, also sustained minor injuries. They also fought for their right to education. These girls are still braving the Taliban, each and every minute since 2012 to establish their own identity. They also have dreams like Malala. To be a doctor, or an engineer, or a teacher.. But they didn’t get a chance to study safely in the United Kingdom

It is very easy to sit in a country which is far far away from Pakistan, and give lectures. But Malala’s friends are true heroes. They’re still braving the Taliban. How many of us know that they’ve to go to school with army men because there still is a threat to their lives? 

Malala, a bright teenager, but a Nobel Peace Prize for a few speeches? It doesn’t sound too appealing to me. The situation hasn’t changed much after she left the Swat valley. Girls, still, aren’t allowed to go to school! What has changed Malala?? What has changed except for you receiving a quality education yourself? WHAT HAS CHANGED??

I don’t know how many of you guys know about this great man, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi is considered a God by many in Pakistan and abroad. This man started the EDHI Foundation in 1951 and is working continuously to help the sick and destitute. Even at the age of 86, he is working towards the welfare of humanity, providing shelter to orphans and healthcare to the sick. 

I adore Edhi for setting an example not only for the people of Pakistan but for the whole world to do their bit for the downtrodden. In 1951, Edhi started the foundation from a single room in Karachi and now has over 300 centers across Pakistan. 

How did this man still not receive a Nobel Peace Prize? Not that he needs one, because awards aren’t everything, and when all you really care for is humanity, then they hold a little value. But can anyone of you see the diplomacy of the Nobel Prize committee? 

Malala, you need to go a long way and ACTUALLY do something for your country! 

And Edhi, hats off to you! If I can achieve even 0.1% of what you are doing, my purpose of being born as a human would be fulfilled! 

People, I request you all to kindly watch the U.N. video of ‘Ebola Orphans’. It is heart wrenching. I couldn’t help but cry watching innocent children narrate in front of camera how they lost all their family to this deadly virus, Ebola. Pray for the victims and these orphans.Guns and bombs don’t do any good. Shell out money for saving the humanity, not to prepare for another war in the Middle East!

Much Love,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

11 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Nobel Peace Prize… A question mark?

  1. oh my gosh…. really.. I am stunned.. are we related??? I said the same things and got dirty looks from everyone around.. and most of all it irks me to see the build-up given to her, especially the recent media blitz about how she scored in her GCSE etc.. and if you notice, it is like she is well-rehearsed with her answers, like some shrewd politician. I know I sound biased, and even my wife gets angry when I say this.. But let me predict this.. one day she will come back to Pakistan as its “saviour” like a young Benazir returning from exile and it is almost as if she was born into politics..

    Ok, now I am going to get a lot of flak for saying all that.. 🙂 But hey, we must share the same flawed genetic structure 😀

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      1. True.. she is a little different.. and it makes me somehow.. what? suspicious? cynical? not sure.. just uneasy, I guess.. seen too many “saviours” come by like that and disappoint badly..

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  2. I did really chant the same thing and was rubbed off by my friends and the girls among them termed me chauvinist, people don’t think anything other than wat media has to portray…….yes Malala has courage and stuffs like that, but a Noble prize….gosh its too much, there are many other deserving people………and thanx for bringing me to Mr. Edhi, i’ll love to read him.

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