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Love for ‘Rejection’

From a past few months, I’ve been telling people that life is beautiful. These simple words, simple phrases have such deep meanings. 

‘Life is beautiful’..!!

You say what’s new in this? I say, read each and every word carefully. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

I’m in my twenties and I’ve experienced a lot. We all have.. Love, hate, jealousy, friendship, success, failure, proposals, rejections.. The list is very long!

The one thing we all are afraid of is, rejection. Rejection has the ability to turn our lives into a living hell, to rip us off our ability to stay happy, to crush our dreams and in the end leave us with absolutely nothing left to start anew. 

Scary, it was! What I just wrote!

But why do we take rejection so seriously? Why is rejection literally end of the world for a lot of us? WHY?

Before answering that, I wanna shed some light on this little monster, ‘REJECTION’. Rejection in love, of course, how can we forget that. Rejection in job interview. Rejection to be part of someone’s life. Rejection for a party invitation. Rejection, literally, any kind of rejection that’s coming to your mind right now!

But just tell me or answer yourself that has God ever been unfair to you? You’ve had your bad days when you had to face that rejection, but did it not change? Haven’t you had some or a lot of good days, good moments after the supposed doomsday? 

Hell yeah!! You absolutely did!

This whole life that you’re living is a roller-coaster. You’ve got your ups and downs. Dude, you gotta enjoy em both. 

First of all, a lot of cliches coming, how would you ever appreciate all the good times when you haven’t experienced anything bad or disheartening? How can you appreciate a ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ when you haven’t watched a ‘Chennai Express’..??

Second, and this one’s pretty damn serious. Rejection doesn’t mean the end of the world. You’ve been denied something in life so that you can get something better later. It’s not just someone’s Facebook status I’m posting here, it’s practical. Just go try it yourselves.

Third, be a good learner! Learn, learn and learn. Learn something from this rejection. Figure out the reason of this rejection and try to work on it. Try to improve yourself. What an opportunity, I must say! And you wanted to remorse that? Don’t be lame. This rejection is a hidden fortune! 

And, I’m not just sugar-coating it, my friend. It’s coming straight from heart!

Repetition has become my thing! So, it comes again. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!

I wanna live. I wanna experience the good and the bad. I wanna be a douchebag and a scholar all at the same time! I wanna be a nomad. I wanna, literally, live.

Our lives are full of flaws, full of perfect moments, full of everything amazing. Our lives, our soul, our mind; they’re gonna be shaped beautifully when we accept life as it is, when we stop cribbing over every setback. Life will surprise us, intrigue us. Life will make us happy, make us sad, but will surely make us better than who we are now. 

And lastly, don’t ever forget to be a loving person with a patient mind and caring heart. Deception is easy, but the burden of hate, jealousy and treachery is very heavy, so just let it all go and love everyone. 

Much Love,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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