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RIP Wagah victims..


The inevitable happened.. 52 innocent people lost their lives to a very confusing psychology of a bunch of people who have completely forgotten the meaning of humanity.. 


Yes, I’m emotional. Yes, I’m disappointed. Yes, I wanna cry. Yes, this is for real. 

People like us, who had dreams, emotions and a normal life, today, became victims of a very petty-minded group. Their hunger for power make them ghastly beings who can go to any extent to prove their ‘point’.

Such people don’t have any religion. Such people don’t have any country that they belong to. Such people don’t have any family. They’re a bunch of lost individuals who have been misguided not by someone else, but by their own inner demon.

I’m not being pragmatic today. This is an emotional post. I’m trying to vent out my anger, not at these terrorists, but at the whole system which made them who they are.

Man’s mere existence in this world is so damn convoluted, all that we do is to please others and ourselves. We have become puppets of others and ourselves. We’re doing things we don’t like, and yet manage to survive because ultimately that is what we want. We all wanna survive in this world.

We call it cruel. But who made it so? We did.

I’ve been doing some introspection and all I’ve learnt from it is that, what’s happening to us right now, the people whom we are surrounded with, the situations we are stuck in; it’s all because of us. Our behaviour, our thoughts, our actions, make us victims. And it’s only solution is that we must improve ourselves.

Why are these people killing innocents? They kill their ‘own’ people. They kill people from another community, religion, country, gender etc. WHY? 

The answer is quite simple. Because we don’t behave like humans.

I’m not a perfect human. I know that. But I wanna be. I aspire to be perfect, I wanna love everyone equally, no prejudices at all. I wanna talk to people without being aggressive. I wanna be as caring to every person I meet, as I am towards my parents. I wanna be….a human!

Not justifying this, as PM Narendra Modi said, a ‘dastardly act’. But try to be kind to everyone. Because we may forget what we said to others, but it may leave a deep scar in their heart that may turn lethal, maybe for them, or for others…

Thoughts and prayers to friends and families of victims of Wagah attack. 

Much Love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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