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Thank You 2014!

This feeling! Opening my closet and taking out my laptop, having absolutely no idea as to what I’m gonna write about, but this feeling… Just to look at my blog, to share something, anything; it’s priceless!

I have literally shut down my social networking life, a break maybe, but believe me, it’s a huge relief! No Twitter or Facebook and limited Whatsapp and Instagram, my life has become a structured mess. 

I’ve been trying to get rid of some people from quite a while, but the list is never-ending. So, it becomes all the more difficult for me to concentrate on what’s important and leave what’s a waste. Future seems promising, bright and what not! 

Pretty excited for the New Year. New beginnings for sure.. 

January’s gonna be a treat for me! President Obama is visiting India and is gonna be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade, which I’m going to, by the way. So, I’m bound to be excited for that.

But, before that, I wanna reminisce about the good and the bad moments of this incredible year, 2014. 

Where 2013 brought my life to a standstill, 2014 gave it a kickstart and infused that much needed courage and confidence in me to look forward, despite of all the adverse conditions I had experienced. 

Family comes first and foremost, and this year has seen me connect more emotionally to my family. I’ve made huge mistakes of not believing in them, but in spite of all the differences we’ve had, my family has always been there. My younger brother, who is like my kid, has been my priority.

Friends, my lifeline, the ones who keep me motivated to never give up and forget what I really am. I can’t thank God enough for the kind of friends He has given me. 

And then comes the ones who taught me lessons. Now they’re the ones who made me realise my worth, made me realise what’s wrong and what’s right. Often we come across people who try to pull us down, who drain out literally everything from us and leave us with nothing but regrets. But, this year, I was taught not to hate them, but to love them for they’re the greatest teachers I’ve had.

This year, I’ve learnt to let the hate go and accept everyone as they are. I’m currently loving the fact that I’ve had the privilege of meeting all kinds of people who have completely changed me. I’m looking forward to life, for I know that I’m gonna have beautiful experiences.

2014 has taught me to love life as it is. Be ambitious, for sure, but never compromise with the fact what you gotta enjoy life. I’ve been trying to fix people, lately, for I wanna make them realise how beautiful this world is, how amazing our lives are, and we’re literally wasting it by cribbing over short-term problems which will become irrelevant in the coming time.

Some people broke my heart and vice-versa. But again, if I’m not happy being with someone, I can’t make the other person happy. So, I’ve learnt to break off the relation rather than arguing over issues which are never gonna be solved. 


I just wanna spread happiness. It’s my ultimate goal. The sick and destitute, may God bless them, but the ones who have everything but crave for more are the ones who need some help. If only I could ever change someone’s perspective about life.. It’s my dream..

Wars, murders, treachery, diseases etc. which make people suffer, make me sad.. But nobody can go beyond God’s wishes.

May peace prevail in the world. May we learn to love people as they are. No boundaries, no casteism, no religious barriers; just love..!! A perfect world!! 

A little too early, I know, but I wanna wish all my beautiful readers a Happy New Year and hope that you’ll all be patient as well as kind to your fellows 🙂

Much much love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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