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Mystery of break ups..

So, basically, if I don’t write this right now (write this right now??!!)…

If I don’t write this right now, I won’t be able to sleep!

There’s this tsunami of thoughts running through my mind, that I couldn’t help but write this post.

We’ve all experienced break-ups. The first one that is coming to my mind is when I was in eighth grade and this very adorable friend of mine, super studious, who was even my partner, like we had bench partners.. Yeah. So, I kinda, broke up with her, but eventually we found our way back. Like it was the stupidest thing ever, but at that moment I knew what breaking up means. She was, actually still is, one of my most cherished friends..

So, yeah. It’s not just about a boy and a girl being in a relation that I’m talking about. It is about every relation; relations in general. 

I wanna make this post, as if I’m talking to a very good friend of mine. I don’t know who all are gonna read this..


I’ve been brought up in a family where I’ve got so much love, not only me, but all my siblings, we are like the luckiest of all. We have this ‘hugely joint family’ and until a couple of years ago, we knew of nothing but fun. 

But things change. Relations grow apart.. But the love is still there.. Each day, each one of us think about why things changed? Everybody has their own reasons.. Not one of them is convincing enough..

So, why do we feel the need to break off a relation? 

I can hardly control my emotions right now, but I wanna let it all out!!

I had this friend of mine. We’ve been like best of friends for the past three years. We used to share our true feelings with each other. But only a couple of weeks back, actually two weeks back, we decided to end it. 

Growing apart is a totally different scenario, but ending a relation, breaking off all ties, why??

I won’t say I’m not responsible. No no! 9 out of 10 times I’m the one responsible, that’s what I think.

But, let’s not just talk about me. Let’s talk about us!

We’ve all given, everybody around us, so many reasons to hate us. Like literally hate us. But seldom, actually never ever do we like to hold ourselves responsible for any despicable act. We’re all hypocrites. We sure are. 

But what kind of hypocrisy is this?

You love the other person truly, you want nothing but best for him/her, but you choose to break it off. SNAP! BREAK UP!

Who’s at loss? 

Ego is the biggest reason of breaking up. Ego won’t let us live.. An egoistic person portrays a much tougher picture to the world but is weak as a kitten from the inside. 

For me, I’m important, yes. But the other person is also as important. My reason would be, I break off a relation because I know if I’m not happy, I can’t keep the other person happy. Fights, arguments, crying etc. make me sick.. So, the easy way out seems the end of it..

Stupid reason.. Yeah.. But my weakness is that I can’t talk it out. I can’t have those emotional conversations. I’m too weak for that. 

Second reason, which I find most logical, is that we lose respect for the other person.. 

This seems the most convincing one. There are vicious people in this world. Cruel people, destructive people.. Like, real vicious people!! Though, I’ve written about it, that we have no right to judge anyone. There is, there absolutely is a reason for that viciousness. Of course. But if you wanna save your time or most importantly, save yourselves, then just break it off!

Relations are so confusing. There are all types of different reasons for a relationship to not work. Always remember that it takes two individuals to break off a relation. Yes, two. Not one! 

Myself, being weak, emotionally, can’t give any advice on how to not hurt yourselves or your loved ones, but just keep yourself at their place. Like, what would you feel if you were at their place.

We’ve got absolutely no right to hurt someone. NO! We all need love, we should all spread love. 

But it seems like nobody’s got time for it!

God bless you all my dear friends.





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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