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This poem is dedicated to every person I know, every person you know. Let’s embrace our vanity. Let’s embrace the fact that we won’t change no matter what. 

Born with a silver spoon in my mouth,
I felt no less than a prince.
I could scream and shout,
For I had no reason for my words to mince.

I belong to the aristocratic society,
Overshadowed by glitz and glam.
I love for we all are full of vanity,
And we don’t have any shame.

I buy Prada for myself,
And Louboutin for my wife,
My daughter wears Moschino,
and my son has a BMW to drive.

I spend millions and billions on lavish parties,
For they make a great show of my earnings…

What did I read in today’s newspaper?
A few dozens died of a disease?
But why do I have to care,
My life is very much at ease.

What did I hear on the radio?
A bomb attack in the Middle East?
But I’m too busy in the gym doing cardio,
Tonight’s party is what I can think of the least.

What did they say about that flood ravaged city?
Millions die of hunger, millions die of disease…
But I am earning millions and billions,
I couldn’t care the least..

I have every right to blame the government,
for the falling value of rupee.
I have every right to blame the government,
for the threat to my daughter’s security..

A plane shot down, 
An innocent beheaded.
Let’s blame the government,
for every damn thing!

A foetus was found,
A girl was raped,
A boy committed suicide,
But I’m gonna take my wife to the parlour to get her saree draped!

I belong to the elite class,
I’ve got the poor under my feet.
I can buy the politicians,
I can make an uproar in the Wall Street.

Why do I have to care about every damn national emergency?
Why do I have to care about every child on the streets?
Why should I be ashamed of my conceitedness?
Why should I have to be responsible for every national mess?

Philanthropy is not my cup of tea.
Orphans and handicapped are not my responsibility.
I only care about my son’s destination wedding.
Not been able to book The Plaza is very upsetting..

All I am capable of is remorse,
And then leave for my home in my Porche.
It feels good to be selfish,
It feels good to be devilish.

I was born a human (physically),
I will die a human (physically).
No one can change this fact,
For I won’t ever change my stingy acts!!!

This poem is a satire on each one of us
Much Love,



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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