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My favorite Music- 2014

Can’t stop won’t stop moving, it’s like I got this music, in my mind singing it’s gonna be alright..!!

I’m so effin excited to be able to write about musicccc!!!!!! 

It’s like my first love. I love music. I can’t put it into words, how much I love music. If I’m not doing anything, I’d probably be ‘busy’ listening to music. So, in simple words, I just LOVE MUSIC!!

So, we’re clear, right?

Now let’s get straight to the business!

This year has personally been incredible. I can’t go on and on about how much I enjoyed it. And the music I got to listen was just great. I fell in love with a few new artists. I will talk about them later in this post.

So, first, I would like to talk about how I got this idea to write about my favorite music of this year. Every morning, I like to make my breakfast, tuning into Vh1. So, yesterday, they had this thing going on about Top 50 songs of 2014. It was amazing. I mean who doesn’t want a happy, cheerful morning and really good music on top of that?

So, a little while ago, I was watching Gossip Girl, drooling over Chuck Bass, the love of my life. Actually one of the many guys I love.. Yeah, so, after that, I started listening to ‘Shake it off‘ by Taylor Swift and I was like, why don’t I write about it. My laptop is literally choking with music, I mean if laptops ever choked to death. You know.. So I picked the songs I absolutely loved this year and I was ready!

So, let’s get started!!!

Okay, wait a minute. I’M JUST SOOOOOOO EXCITEDDDD!!!

Okay.. *takes a deep breath*. Now I’m ready.

First, it has to be Iggy Azalea. You’ve gotta listen to her man. She’s awesome. And if awesome is the extreme word to describe how much someone is talented, she’s that awesome. Her voice, this strong, unique kind of. I mean, you gotta listen to her to be able to judge her. 

First thing first I’m a realist!!! No, not me. It’s Iggy. ‘Fancy‘ had been my alarm when I used to go for morning walks. I used to love waking up, listening to it. You gotta listen to it. The collaboration with Charlie XCX, Iggy has nailed it man! Just nailed it!! 

Her ‘Black Widow‘ feat. Rita Ora is good, but not as good as ‘Fancy‘. Fancy is her best work so far! And then later she did this song ‘Beg for it‘. WOW! It’s really wow! 

But her most recognised work remains her collaboration with none other than Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez! ‘Booty‘ is like every gal’s dream song. And the booty these ladies have, I’m unable to describe. You’ve gotta see it for yourselves! Hot! Literally hot!!!! 

Next, Ariana Grande. Is she some kind of angel or what??? What is she?? So damn perfect! ‘Problem‘ is like what each girl on this planet wants. The lyrics describe each one of us. I mean let’s just admit that we’ve all got that one guy who we are best without. but somehow, we’re stuck with that guy. It just sums up our situation! ‘Problem‘ has Ariana as well as Iggy. What else one wants? 

Break free‘, Ariana‘s collaboration with Zedd, is also good. But the one I’m obsessed about right now is ‘Love me harder‘. I even have it as my caller tune. It’s pretty raunchy song. Like, seductive and all. I make sure I pick my parents’ call on the first ring because I don’t want them to listen to this song, EVER!!! It is just so hot!!! And Ariana is looking like an angel. 

Then ‘Bang Bang‘, Ariana‘s collaboration with Jessie J and my lady, Nicki Minaj! “B to the A to the N to the G to the“!! I wanna cry! Why is Ariana is so beautiful?? Like why?? Okay, I’l just get over it.

Oh my God! Look at her BUTT“!! Yes people!! I’m gonna talk about the dirtiest song of this year!! ‘ANACONDA‘!! Just when I thought, that Nicki has lost it.. That ‘Super bass‘ time will never return.. I mean, she came up with this song ‘Pills and Potions‘ and I was like, is this Nicki? I was disappointed.. But one day, on NickiMinajVEVO, I got this notification about some song called ‘Anaconda‘ and I thought, is it about jungle? What is this song? Then came the moment when I listened to it. I watched the video, which was actually no less than porn. Yeah, I said porn. But, this song is so gripping. I even had it as my ring tone until it became too embarrassing for me to answer calls in public. If you haven’t listened to this song, or watched its video, GO!! Watch it now!! Leave this post here and go watch it!!

This year has been all about the ladies!! Ladies ruling almost all the music charts!

How can I now talk about Taylor Swift? And how can I not talk about ‘Shake it off‘? Gone are the ‘Love Story‘ days people. Taylor has evolved into this fiesta who makes songs like ‘I knew you were trouble‘ and ‘We are never getting back together‘. And this year, this lady gave us ‘Shake it off‘. I’m so grateful to her. Nowadays, I don’t even need a hair dryer. My hair, which are very thick, takes about one hour to dry while I’m dancing to this song. I mean it’s this incredible. And easy on your pocket too. No waste of electricity and nothing. Just dancing, And you can burn your calories too. Thank you Taylor. Seriously, thank you! 

And, her official video is no doubt so good, but have you seen the Victoria’s Secret angels lip-syncing ‘Shake it off‘? I watch it all day, since the day it has been put on YouTube. All my favorite angels; Alessandra, Adriana, Behati, Karlie, Candice and Lily. So much hotness, I tell you!!

And also, ‘Blank Space‘.. Taylor, you’ve shunned your girl next door image completely. Hats off!! ‘Black Horse’ is a crazy, psycho girl song. I think it’s about me!! I can totally relate to it!!

Katy Perry!!! I always say she’s my soul sister!!! ‘Unconditionally’, ‘Roar’, ‘Dark Horse’, ‘Birthday’, ‘This is how we do’.. Man, I’ve lost count of how many songs she releases each year!! I love her. From the bottom of my heart, I love Katy Perry.

Can’t believe I didn’t talk about the Queen yet! Queen B.. Queen Bey.. Beyonce, people!! Beyonce!! ‘XO‘ is the song which I used to listen to at nights and cry.. Cry for a long time, till I felt sleepy.. Such a romantic song! So much emotions in one single song.. 

‘Drunk in love’ is so sexy! “We be all night,” So hot!! The royal couple of the United States of America- Queen B and Jay Z! Amazing song. I think they’ll fetch a Grammy this year. Fingers crossed!

No, I didn’t forget Jenny from the block. I idolise JLo. I can never forget her and her two amazing songs- ‘Luh You Papi‘ and ‘First Love‘. They’ve been on repeat on my phone for weeks!! 

Guess who made a comeback this year? Nicole Sherzy!! Yeah!! Nicole Scherzinger finally came up with this incredibly seductive song ‘Your Love‘.. “And I, I’m never letting you go baby, I love you so baby…..” HAWT!!!

Because I’m happy“..!! The happiest song of this year by the guy with the weird hat, Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy‘ is that one song which I think every music lover listened to! It has got these happy vibes which can lift up your mood in no time! 

Just hold on we’re going home..‘. Drake, takes my heartbeat away.. I love him so much.. He makes me so weak… He’s so perfect.. Please be mine Drake, please….

Shakira came up with ‘Empire‘, my love anthem of the year! And thanks for those curls girl! I got the same curls for my best friend’s wedding. Yay! And let’s just take a minute to sink in to ‘Can’t remember to forget you..‘. I remember my brother asked me after watching its video,” Silky, is this song for lesbians??’. I laughed so hard. But seriously, Shakira looks way more hotter than Riri in its video. And together, they just set the hotness bar way too high, way too HIGH!!

Are we blessed or what? Because Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson‘s ‘Love never felt so good‘ is no less than a blessing. But I won’t deny that I found it a bit scary too. I always listen to it when I’m with someone. I don’t know, I found it creepy, maybe because Michael Jackson is dead in real and he’s singing in the song.. Eh?

I know it’s probably too late to talk about ‘Give it to me‘ and ‘Blurred lines‘ by Robin Thicke, but I spent most of this year listening to these two songs. Hey hey hey!!! I just love Robin Thicke!! And did you guys hear about his break up with Paula? Sad, it was.. But the song he wrote for her, ‘Get her back‘ is so touching.. I wish someone did it for me.. I know it’s too much to ask for, but it’s so romantic.. Okay, it’s getting a bit sad in here! By the way, do listen to its parody on YouTube, ‘Douchebag‘. It’s so funny!!

And recently I heard ‘Rude‘ by Magic! band. So good!! And it was funny too!!

And you all ladies, You’re all about that bass!! ‘All about that bass‘ is such a catchy song with such a strong message. Love the way you are. You are beautiful. Thank you Meghan Trainor!

Maroon V‘s ‘Animals‘ is so hot! And Behati and Adam make such a sweet couple!!! Did you guys watch Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2013? When Behati walked the ramp, Adam stood up and blew kisses to her!!! It was so sweetttt!!!!! I literally went ‘Awwwwwwww’!!!

And last, but not the least by any means. If you guys watched this years AMAs, and saw Selena Gomez‘s performance, you will know ‘Heart wants what it wants‘ is such a heart breaking song.. Her performance was like the maximum level of perfection. My brother scolds me because I listen to it for hours.. I love it!

So, this pretty much sums up my music library for 2014. I’m not into rock, country or I dunno what they say, Dubstep is it? I’m not into these genres. Pop is my thing. And a bit of rap. But not like Eminem kinda rap. Nicki, Iggy and Pitbull kinda rap.

So, waiting for 2015, waiting for some more of my favorite artists. 

Wrapping up..

P.S.- Some of these songs might not have released in 2014. I just mentioned the ones I listened to all year round 🙂 Also, they’re not in any order because I can never chose one song as my favorite. And yeah, Charlie XCX‘s ‘Boom Clap‘ is also my favorite.

Much love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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