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New Year, New Us?

So, everybody’s busy getting ready for the big New Year’s eve party!

My New Year’s gonna be a sombre one unlike my last one.

When we reach the end of each year, we all tend to make certain resolutions about how we can make the next year a better one for ourselves. So even I’ve been thinking about the same. What can I do to make it a fulfilling year?

But it’s all blank. Well, not completely blank, but I’m just too full of sorrow; the cries of children who were attacked in Peshawar still haunting me each day and night.. And all I can think of is, “How can I make a difference?”. I mean, I’m not completely useless. We all have certain qualities, so what can I do?

And it’s blank!

And then, I think of who is to blame? Still blank!

I have got no answers.. 

Is there a possibility that we all are responsible for the mishaps in the world? And now you’ll be like, “Why are we the ones responsible?”. 

It is because I have come to this conclusion that I alone cannot make a difference. We all need a change in our attitudes, not only for terrorism, but every single heart-wrenching event that is happening in this world. We are responsible for everything, and only we, collectively, can change it.

According to the foreign media, at least 30,000 of the ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria are from other countries; Europe and the US included. An Indian was the curator of the Twitter account of ISIS. An Australian held dozens of people hostages in a cafe in Sydney because he sympathized with the ISIS ideology. 

These people are not living in Iraq and Syria. These people are amongst us. Why are they being, mentally, dragged into this war? It is because of us. Because we are all full of hatred. 

Have you ever been bullied by someone? What was your instant reaction? To take revenge. Right? That is what is happening. 

When in a movie, the hero doesn’t get the heroine, we all get sad, because we relate to him. That is what is happening. These people; the curator of Twitter account of ISIS, that Sydney guy, these thousands of foreign fighters; they’ve been bullied by us. And when they hear all the news about Iraq and Syria, they relate to it, they sympathize with the militants. 

There’s another thing that is bothering me since more than a year now. What is this trend going on in our societies to employ children as domestic helps? It pains me to see them bring food, doing the dishes, mopping the floors etc, while we are just sitting there doing nothing.

When I was in school, I always thought that the problem of child labor wil not prevail when we’ll grow up. But it hasn’t changed a bit. I regret to say that even my best friends have children as their domestic helps. I can see in their innocent eyes, how they just wanna play, eat and do all the things we do, but they can’t.. If you’ve got money, then keep, at least, adults as your domestic helps.. Please.. It’s a request..

Another thing I was quite sure of during childhood was that this abhorring system of dowry would be rooted out when we’ll grow up, but sadly it has grown into an even bigger version of itself…

Female fetuses are being found almost everyday in some part of our country.. People still don’t want girls.. Fine! Get your son a guy then. Let him be a gay! You won’t like that either. You want a daughter-in-law, but don’t want a granddaughter. Why? Because daughters are a waste of money. 

This mentality is running high even in our generation. 

We can buy a Furla, a Michael Kors, a Chanel or a Givenchy, but cannot send a poor kid to school which is actually very inexpensive. We can throw parties, go on vacations, etc., but cannot provide for a day’s meal for a poor family.

We can pick on other kids, bully them, make their life miserable, but when the same happens with us, we become all revengeful. 

 But, we all forget that hatred gives birth to hatred and that, it can only be rooted out by love.. 

Build the foundation of your personality with love, that is so strong, that no amount of negative persuasion can ever shake it up. Are we that weak that when someone provokes us, or insults our religion, our appearance, our reputation etc. that we loose our patience?

What is all this discrimination about? Try reaching to the bottom of every damn discriminatory group you belong to. For eg., I am an Asian, a South Asian, an Indian, a Punjabi, a Ludhianvi and in the end, it is just me. I am me! Who are you? A Briton? An American? Canadian, maybe? What is your individual identity? 

But most importantly, what is your importance? What have you achieved being a Roman Catholic, a Jew or a Sikh? Have you ever helped a needy? Leave that aside. Have you ever truly sympathized with someone? Have you ever tried to do something substantial for someone?

What we do for ourselves doesn’t even matter. You bought a Ferrari or a limited edition Versace watch holds high importance for you, only you. And it will die with you. But what you do for others, will make you truly immortal.

So, let’s resolute to become a better version of ourselves. Because to make a change, all we gotta do is, to start. Doesn’t matter how big or small that start is. As far as your intentions are good and your deeds selfless, you will achieve eternal peace, the peace we all have been longing for since forever.

I know I’ve not been at peace and these added incidents of humans killing humans, makes me all the more restless. 

May God bless you all with abundance of joyous moments and a good health. 

Happy New Year!

Much Love,




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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