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Birthday Wishes To Mother

I woke up late this morning and went straight to the kitchen. My mum was busy making breakfast and I sang “Happy Birthday to you”. And she started laughing..

I cannot be thankful enough to God for giving me the best mother in the whole world! Today is her birthday. Though, she’s growing older, the child in her never dies.. She is as innocent as any other child. She is as cute as any other child.

My mum has been a strong pillar of support for me throughout my life. Whatever I am today, it is because of my mother. She had faith in me and that faith drove me to do meaningful stuff in life. She taught me to be loving, caring, truthful and most of all, to be a human.

Today, if I boast of being the Economics editor of my college magazine for two consecutive years, it is because of her faith in me. Today, if I boast of all the worldly knowledge I possess, it is because of her faith in me. Today, if I am able to own a blog, it is because of her faith in me!

My mother has always yearned for her children to excel in studies. I was not very good at English during my school time. But it was my mother’s dream to see me do well in English. So she enrolled me with a brilliant teacher who honed my English. As a result, I topped in English in my school during my board exams.

She pushed me beyond my limits and the result has been incredible. She rarely praises me. She rarely expresses how proud she is of me. And this drives me to do more in life. I want her to tell me how proud she is of me. But I’ve failed so far..

Though her colleagues sometimes congratulate me on how I’ve achieved some things in life and this tells me that my mother, very proudly, tells people about my achievements.

I’ve seen many mothers encouraging their daughters to buy makeup stuff and all. My mother was a bit different. She would encourage me to read as many meaningful stuff as there is in this world. She would always bring home weekly magazines like India Today and Outlook to quench my thirst for politics and economics.

I remember, once I was hardly 10 years old and I had collected money to buy gifts for my mum and dad on their wedding anniversary. My mum gave me a long lecture on how there are so many kids in this world who are not even getting a single meal, a day. So, instead of buying stuff that isn’t gonna be very helpful, why not donate it to such unfortunate children?

That is how she has always been..

Today, all I wanna do with my life is to help the underprivileged. And this passion has been instilled  in me by my great mother! She taught me how this world is full of people who need our help and that we need to do our bit to eliminate their problems.

I love her beyond limits. I can move mountains for her. I know she can never do wrong to anybody. I know her decision is always gonna be the right one.

She has always been there for me. She took stand for me when nobody else did. She knows me more than anybody. Even when I do not tell her what is bothering me, she knows it all.

Many people find faults in me not knowing why I’m behaving in a certain way. But my mother knows it all.

Just like me, my mother also hardly ever displays her emotions. But we both know exactly what is going on inside of us.

My worst nightmare is to live without her. Once I had this dream that my mother died and I woke up crying. I called up my best friend and he tried to pacify me, but to no avail. Last year, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening problem. I used to get those nightmares frequently and I was terrified. But everything turned out to be well and now she is healthier than ever before.

I want to be with her always, if it is possible. She still takes care of me as if I’m an infant. All she wants from me is to do well in my life. And I will do everything possible to achieve that dream of her. She is my best friend and will always be.

My mother is the best mother- Period!

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Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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