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Princess Diana’s death- Conspiracy theories

Lady Diana Spencer, a shy teenager and a kindergarten teacher, had a fairytale wedding with the future king of England, Prince Charles. After dating for six months, Lady Diana became The Princess of Wales.


Princess Diana gave her youth to the Royal family. She was married early at the age of 20 and barely four months later, announced her pregnancy. But her sweet dream came to an early end when she came to know about the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Diana and Charles’ marriage hit rock bottom when Diana entrusted a journalist, Andrew Morton, with the secrets of her marriage which he later published in a book in 1992, called ‘Diana- Her true story’. Princess Diana’s title, ‘Her Royal Highness’ was taken away in 1993. Diana started dating an Arab businessman Dodi Fayed. On the tragic night of 31st August, 1997, when Diana and Dodi were leaving the famous Ritz hotel in Paris,  hiding from the paparazzi, in a Mercedes Benz, driven by Henri Paul, their car met with a fatal accident killing the Princess of Wales. People’s princess, as she was famously known back then, met a tragic end. Her life was full of loneliness and depression which she rarely displayed publicly. Born as the daughter to the Earl of Spencer who was left by his wife for another man, Diana had a difficult childhood. She cared for her little brother, Charles, like a mother. When she met Prince Charles, she was this beaming but shy teenager. She moulded herself into the rules and norms of the royal family. But later, she created an identity of her own. It is said that she became more famous and loved than the Prince of Wales. It was her deep caring attitude that prompted her to take up the charity work like supporting Mother Teresa’s charitable work, Africa’s land mine problem or HIV Aids.


Wherever she went, she was loved by all because of her deep regards for other people’s feelings and her care for their causes. When the hospital in Paris announced Diana’s death, her admirers all over the world declared that she was murdered. There have been many conspiracy theories to support this thought. But the police and the royal family had maintained over the years that Diana was killed because of the drunk driver, Henri Paul. It is said that Paul drove the Mercedes over the prescribed speed limit.


But it is hard to believe when there are numerous loopholes in the investigation itself. Here are some of the conflicting facts that have never been cleared by anybody till date.

1. Henri Paul wasn’t a heavy drinker-

As the only possible and declared fact that Diana was killed because Henri Paul was heavily drunk has been questioned millions of times. The CCTV footage of the Ritz hotel shows that Paul was there for at least two hours but never, for a second, appeared to be drunk. The people who talked to him that night said that he was not drunk. One of Henri Paul’s friend has even gone out to say that he wasn’t a heavy drinker. There is a conspiracy theory to that. Many believe that the night Diana met with an accident, there was another drunk man being treated in the same hospital and that his blood samples were swapped with Henri Paul’s blood samples. How do we know the truth?

2. ‘The’ Mercedes Benz was tampered with-

Very interestingly, the night Diana and Dodi drove away from Ritz hotel, the Mercedes S280 was the only car available. It has also come forth that this car was ‘recently’ stolen a few days before the crash and was tampered with. There was a computer chip in the car which controlled its navigation, acceleration, steering and braking and it was removed or stolen. If that had happened, it becomes highly likely that the car would’ve been controlled from the outside and this proves to some extent that Diana’s death was indeed a planned murder.

3.- Diana’s letter spoke about her fear of being murdered-

Before her death, Diana had criticised the royal family in an interview on the BBC’s Panorama. She gave a hand written letter to her Butler and her lawyer which said that she feared Prince Charles would try to kill her by some car crash or any other concealed way of murder to clear his way to marry Camilla.

4.- Ambulance took more than usual time to reach hospital-

The ambulance carrying injured Princess Diana took more than the usual 11 minutes taken by an ambulance to reach the hospital. The ambulance took around 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the hospital. Also, it is to be duly noted that there were two other very highly equipped hospitals which were only minutes away from the crash site. But Diana was not taken to those hospitals. Many doctors believe that had Diana been taken to an operation theatre minutes after her accident, she would’ve had a fairly good chance of survival.

5.- Where is the mysterious Fiat Uno?

While investigating the car crash, the police found some white paint on the front of the Mercedes. After investigating, it was found out that it was a paint from a Fiat Uno car probably made between 1983-1987. You will be astonished to hear the next loophole. The French police searched for this mysterious Fiat Uno in not only Paris, but whole of the France and till date, it hasn’t been found out. The car has very mysteriously vanished after the crash. Eyewitnesses have even said that they saw a huge flash coming from the car which probably blinded the driver for split second. Nobody knows the whereabouts of this car. Wow!

6.- The crash site was opened for public hours after the accident-

Yes! Can you believe it? At around midnight, Diana’s car met with a fatal accident in this tunnel and at around 4 o’clock in the morning, her death was announced and hours later, the crash site was made functional again! Why wasn’t it investigated thoroughly? The police in its defence said that they could’ve made it into a shrine! Sarcasm that doesn’t go well with Princess Di’s admirers.

People say that the royal family was infuriated with Princess Diana’s revelation of troubled marriage which had brought the family a lot of shame. Many say that she was pregnant with Dodi’s child and the royal family couldn’t bear the idea of a Muslim stepchild! Also, her popularity was growing and it outnumbered the popularity of the royal family. Whatever it was, Princess Diana became the eternal queen of many hearts and remains so even after her sudden and tragic end, whereas Prince Charles has still not become a king! And finally, in the words of her brother Charles, the Earl of Spencer, “Her beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our hearts…”



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