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The Right Kind of Love

Here I am,
Sitting alone in my room.
Cool breeze touching my body,
Monsoon has set in its full bloom.

All kinds of thoughts,
Running through my mind.
Most prominent of them all,
What is love of right kind?

Is it the one Shakespeare wrote about,
When he penned down Romeo and Juliet?
Or is it the one that Wordsworth told,
An overflow of emotions he felt?

When I fell in love,
I found it to be intriguing.
Just the two of us in this world,
My heart was always beaming.

But when it struck,
The reality ofcourse.
It was a disaster,
Love has to bear the wrath of its course.

We stood by it no matter what,
We took the tests to be together.
But it hit hard, really hard,
Our affection torn apart like that of a bird’s feathers..

Do we still love each other?
I am not certain about him.
But my heart is full of love,
Full up to the brim..

I am possessive, yes,
Don’t want him to be shared.
Is that the right kind?
Is that why I lost him? I’m scared..

His hardships hit me hard too.
His victories made me proud too.
I wanted to possess him.
Wanted us to be one, not two..

Is that the right kind,
When I want all his time?
Is that the right kind,
When I wanted him to be just mine??!!

Why couldn’t I express this?
We would’ve been together..
I’m too demanding at heart,
That’s why our love changed like weather..

I miss him will be an understatement.
His presence was too surreal.
My heart was fully possessed by him,
With him it felt complete…




Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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