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Blogging 101- Let’s Talk

As the fourth assignment, we’ve been told to write for a specific audience, whom we want should read our blogs.

Today, I want to talk to my readers. Talk to them about a specific thing that we often ignore.

I’ve always loved reading interviews of celebrities, politicians, etc. It gives me an insight into their minds, how they think. Each time, I’ve discovered, that they are just like us. They think the same way as us. They feel the same way as us.

I was in high school when our teacher gave us an assignment to talk to the class, share our feelings with our classmates. One of the boys, whom I disliked a lot, stood up and went at the front of the classroom.I always though of him as this genius, uptight and arrogant guy. But when he began speaking, I found this common thought process between us. I never knew that he had such intense feelings and that he has had experienced some teenage problems which I did.

And from that point onwards, I began noticing other people. It may sound a bit creepy here. I wasn’t an intruder. But I knew that everybody feels the same way.

I met a jerk in college. Even though he was all too cool about the feelings of others and showed little regards towards them, I knew that even he is at last, a human.

We all are the same kind.


We want someone to acknowledge our feelings. We want someone to treat us properly. We want someone to love us truly. We expect. We cry. We get angry. We fight. We make up. We smile. We laugh. We fall. We get up.

We are all the same.


H ❤



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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