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Freedom From Stylists!

I’m always up for something different for my readers! I was watching the Independence Day speech by PM Modi and just couldn’t resist writing this post. I’ll let you know in a minute.

Well, let me put it in this way. There are some people in the public eye, who need to shake up their wardrobe a little. Without much blabbing, let’s get into it!

1. PM Narendra Modi- No politics this time. I’m not being biased. But did you see what he wore at the Red Fort this morning? It was so hot and I definitely saw some of the audience wiggling the pamphlets they were carrying in order to get some respite from this August heat. But, the cool PM Modi was wearing a jacket over his kurta!! How he manages to do that, I’ve got no idea.


2. Arvind Kejriwal- Now, I like this guy and his honesty. But what is that muffler? We are all common people, but I don’t see the majority of us donning that tacky muffler. Definitely recommend a good stylist!


3. Radhe Maa- Radhe Maa, your’e so pure and pious. But that blush!! Every time I see it, I wanna pick a blending brush and blend blend blend!!! Why is it so concentrated, Maa? Also, you connect well with your followers by wearing the dresses they gift you, but please Maa, this red skirt with red top, red hat and red thigh high boots is a fashion faux pas!

radhe maa1

I heard you roam about in a Jaguar, Maa? If you got the resources, then why wear this 90s lehenga? Get some haute couture one, Maa! Also, maybe change your haircut too! Long bobs are in these days!

radhe maa2

4. Sushma Swaraj- The humanitarian politician, who has touched many lives, definitely didn’t mean to commit this huge blunder, considering she always dresses down. But during her recent speech in the parliament, she wore a cardigan over her saree? Why??!!


5. Kamal R. Khan- Okay KRK, we’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ll not stop bugging us with your very unpleasant tweets, YouTube videos and irrelevant comments. But could you please do that with a little style? It’ll be pleasant for our eyes, you see!


6. Rakhi Sawant- Is she still there? Anyways, she’s probably living in the last decade and thus, hasn’t updated her wardrobe yet. Who wears this in 2015? What designer is it, by the way? Also, she needs a plastic surgery, very badly! You know, to do away with all the plastic blunder she went through when she was young!

Rakhi Sawant at Life Ok Screen Awards red carpet in Mumbai on 14th Jan 2015 shown to user

7. Poonam Pandey- She doesn’t need a stylist. She needs clothes!! Desperately!! I think, we should be good Samaritans and donate her some clothes.

Poonam Pandey - 91

H 😉



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