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A Love Story- 2

She shut the door.

It was a month ago that they met in a park. She was reading a Jane Austen novel. He was running. An old lady stumbled and fell on the ground. They both came and picked her up. It was the first time they saw each other.

She smiled.

It went on for a week, until he got the courage to finally ask her out.

On their first date, they went to an Italian restaurant. They had a good time.

She got to know that he was her best friend’s neighbor. How small the world is! She never met him before, even though she spent most of her time at her best friend’s place.

Two days later, they went to watch a movie. That’s when he wrapped his arms around her for the first time. She definitely felt a spark. She was beaming with joy. Her body had these very strange sensations. She never felt like this ever before. He made sure she was comfortable. Though, he wanted it to be the most romantic moment of her life.

It was getting dark. When they got home, she invited him in. He refused. She was disappointed.

Next week they met at the park, the same park. She was reading another novel; a Dan Brown novel. He was sitting beside her; his arm around her shoulder. The cool breeze was touching their body. They sat their for about an hour. Neither of them said a word.

Their next two dates were pretty romantic. He was being a gentleman. She was on cloud nine. She had never felt this way for anybody. She knew it. She wanted to know what he thought.

Then, one day, exactly a month after when they met for the first time in the park, he took her to the beach. She was sure. Damn sure.

They had a good time.

When they reached home, she asked him to join her for a cup of coffee. That’s when he popped a ring out of his pocket. She was taken aback. She knew it the whole time, that he was the one. But she didn’t know that he felt the same, too. Right at the door of her apartment, he asked her to marry him. She, obviously, said yes. It was the first time that they kissed. They were engaged!

And then, SHE SHUT THE DOOR! ❀


H ❀


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

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