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A Piece of Land

My hundredth post! What a milestone!

Jinnah wanted Pakistan
Nehru pressed for Hindustan
Gandhi taught Gandhigiri
Alas! Everything is now a debris

Which piece of land
They now have in their hands?
For whom a million died?
For whom did two communities collide?

Pak or Hind
Which way blows the wind?
A child dies of a mother
Whole of the humanity shudders

Then why these borders?
Why obey the traitors’ orders?
Peace is still a dream
Stop this violence extreme!

Which piece of land
They now have in their hands?
People on either side still cry
Because it was too hard to bid goodbye..


H ❀


Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

26 thoughts on “A Piece of Land

  1. And yet even after all this time they squibble like babies over the crown jewel aka jammu and kashmir. Peace talks get cancelled because – “hey man , who invited hurriyat to the party?” Or “terrorism, bah , such a morbid topic, lets talk about bajrangi bhaijan”

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      1. It all comes down to one thing- Stupidity! They indulge in rhetoric. Kashmir wasn’t on agenda, but talking about Kashmir will do wonders. It is a serious bone of contention. It needs to be solved. I think half of Indo-Pak rivalry will be stashed if this Kashmir issue is resolved


    1. It’s not like that. It’s just that Pakistan was made on the ideology of religion and India on the ideology of geography. Being a Muslim majority state, Pak wants it. Being in the territory of India, India doesn’t want to give it to anybody. And India will never just give it to anybody.

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      1. i get what you re saying but its not just another piece of land is it?
        I ll tell u something though – if it was the two of us holding these talks I think we d get a lot farther than either Modi or Sharif .

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      2. lol, what bullets? i gotta face the tanks and nuclear missiles. Frankly i’d be too young to even b eligible for a seat in either of the houses. guess u gotta wait a little longer than that


  2. This is so nicely written… the pain of partition is can be felt by this poem which persists today… The tension exists on both sides… A great write up indeed…

    And congratulations for your 100th post… great poem as your 100th post… πŸ™‚

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