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An Ode To The World’s Best Father

“Though I love my mum the most, I’m a daddy’s girl!”

I’ve heard this innumerable times. I think every girl says this. And the reason lies in the fact that it actually is true! A dad is the embodiment of a perfect guy; a guy who’s always there, a guy who solves all our problems, a guy who spoils us, a guy who advises us, a guy who we love the most!

Well, my dad is just like me, or the other way round. Recently, I had this job interview and the panel asked about my parents. I told them how my mum and dad are poles apart when it comes to their nature. So, one of the judges asked me that who would I follow, considering my parents want different things in life? And my reply was instantaneous- I’m just like my dad! And it, obviously, made them happy because that’s what they wanted to hear!

My earliest memories with my dad are just too sweet to describe. But I’ll still try. I remember when I was very young, my dad and I would go on a walk after dinner. And no, I didn’t used to walk. He would carry me and I would lay my head on his shoulder and he would walk to and fro. That’s how he used to put me to sleep. Frankly, I wasn’t very close to my mum during my childhood. My mum would do all the kitchen work. And my dad would make sure that my school uniform was properly ironed, my shoes polished, my bag packed, my homework done, and he would even check my geometry box, the reason being that I would always cut my eraser into a gazillion pieces!! And it was like a routine that he would everyday put a new eraser in my geometry box and I would cut it each time!!!

As I mentioned earlier, my mum used to be too busy in the kitchen that she didn’t have any idea whether I had my breakfast or not. I remember that I would sit on my dad’s lap and he would place the glass of milk on my mouth and I would drink it slowly. My mum never went to any of my parent-teacher meets (PTM). My dad would always go to the PTMs. My school was like some 45 minutes drive from home. But he would never miss any of my PTM. I remember, when I was in the 5th standard, my dad complained to my teacher (Alka ma’am) that my handwriting was deteriorating. I was always a teacher’s favorite so nobody ever complained about my studies. But my dad was so damn concerned about these minuscule details and did everything he could to improve those. During exams, he would always put me early to sleep. In the morning, he would wake up early to wake me up! And it was not all. It doesn’t matter if he’s waking me up at 4 a.m. or 6 a.m. He would remain awake till the time I had revised each and everything! Though, by the time I got into higher classes, he would sleep by my side, while I would study half-awake.

I would never care whether he’s at the job or not. My siblings have been the most cruel people on earth and they would annoy me to death! Hence, I would always call dad at his office and complain about these nasty people. And he never disappointed me! He would scold them over phone! Everybody was pretty scared of me because of my dad!! And I enjoyed it!!!

I am this news junkie because of my dad. I remember that he would watch news regularly from 8-9 p.m. and I was very fond of spending time with him. So I would watch it with him. He used to read newspaper in the morning and that’s how I got that habit. He supports Congress party. I support Congress party. He likes Dr. Manmohan Singh. I like Dr. Manmohan Singh. He hates Narendra Modi. I hate Narendra Modi. So we are, practically, brain-twins, if that’s even a word!

The only time I made him proud was when I got a government job at the age of 18. I had some work at college and so he was like he will drop me to work after completing that college thing. At the college, I met my Economics teacher. When she got to know that my dad was standing outside, she told me to call him in. When my dad came, my teacher told him that his daughter was one of the most intelligent students of the college. The reaction on my dad’s face was priceless!!

My dad is so intelligent that I sometimes feel envy of him! He’s a farsighted man. Though I wanted a different path for my life, he knew that I was mentally and physically weak. So, he didn’t let me choose that path. I used to cry in bed and he would come to my room and talk to me. He never left me alone during that period. 2013. The hardest time of my life. Sometimes we would quarrel. But, obviously, neither of us can live without each other.

When at the age of 15, I had to undergo a major surgery, which nobody knew about, because I was just suppose to undergo laproscopy. But the doctors saw something strange in my stomach and had to do an emergency surgery. The next day when I gained full consciousness, the nurses told me that both mum and dad were crying outside the operation theater. I have never seen my dad cry. But he showed a lot of courage and never cried in front of me during that whole period.

I think he is the funniest man! I love when he wrestles with me, mostly for the T.V. remote. And he ain’t subtle while wrestling. He takes everything quite seriously! He stops only when my fake screams would turn real! Or when my mum would scold both of us. He also made fun of me in front of my doctor. I was complaining to my doctor that I cannot drink milk as it makes me nauseous. My dad revealed that I had started taking milk just two days ago! And when we reached home, he laughed incessantly! How annoying!!

He is very particular about my diet. I dunno what hatred he has towards green tea. Though I only drink one cup a day. But when I would feel like having two, he would always point out!

Last year when I had tonnes of exams, he would skip his office (which is a big thing, considering he is always on the go because of office work) and drive me to different cities where I had my exams. I really enjoyed those long drives with him. I would study in the car, whereas he would drive. And every now and then he would comment upon how I should not take too much of stress and just relax.

I had always hated the fact that he had to go on office tours. During childhood, whenever he would go on any tour, I would cry. And the moment he used to return, I would run towards him and hug him tightly. And then my big, fat tears would roll down the cheeks and he would console me. I, kind of, miss that…

I’m an online shopaholic! So, each time I would see anything that interests me (and that means every time!), I would ask dad if I could buy it and he would never deny! I think that’s the best thing about him. Though, I’ve got no restrictions to buy clothes, he never allows me to buy books! I dunno why! But I still order them and he’s the one who pays!!!

One day, my dad, mum and I were watching Band Bajaa Bride (a reality show). So, my dad always annoys me with all the ‘marriage talk’. That day, I decided to annoy him. I said, “It doesn’t matter who you wanna marry me with. I just wanna wear a Sabyasachi (India’s best fashion designer) lehenga at my wedding.”. He said, “How much would it cost?”. I said, “Around 2 lakhs.”. He said OKAY!! I was like what???!! He said yeah. And he was so serious that I asked him again and again. And he said yes, he will buy me one! Β Now I just can’t wait to get married!!!

Since the day I got a job in Bank of Baroda, I would always point it out to him that see, my bank’s shares are always rising. Today, due to the Chinese markets, when the share market tumbled, Bank of Baroda‘s shares slid. My dad was right there when this news flashed on the TV. He gave me a sneaky look. And then I looked at him. Then, he started laughing wickedly! Imagine!! He said, “Dekha!!! Jab se unhe pata chala hai ki Silky unki bank me aa rahi hai, tab se becharon ke share gir gaye!!” (See!!! Since the time they got to know that Silky (my nickname) has been employed at their bank, their shares started to tumble!!).

No matter how old I grow, I’ll always be that little girl whom he used to put to sleep on his shoulders..





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

27 thoughts on “An Ode To The World’s Best Father

  1. It must be wonderful to have a dad like that. I just hope I am as good with my daughter πŸ™‚ You are very lucky to have him. I laughed out aloud at his joke in the end. I would probably have said the same thing to my own daughter. It is probably what a dad lives for πŸ˜€ to tease his daughter.

    Frankly, I was a little startled when I read your first post and saw that you had berated Najam for his words. Then I read more of it and relaxed. It is wonderful to meet you here and while I share your views on most things, I am afraid it is not the same about Kalam for a few reasons. But, I do understand your respect for him and for his legacy. (For example, my question would be – is this country truly secular? do we not have evidence for the opposite, especially in the recent days?)
    I come from a communally sensitive area (Mangalore) and while my thoughts may be unpopular over here, I certainly hope I did not offend you with them πŸ™‚

    It was lovely reading your posts. Thanks for the wonderful ode to your dad. πŸ™‚

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    1. I totally agree with you on the secular part. But we should always be positive and look at the best people instead of just cursing our nation. And thanks a lot for praising my ode to my dad. It’s a universal truth. Dads all around the world have been their daughter’s best friends! Thank you so much for this wonderful insight. And no comment of yours is offensive (except for cuss words lol). We should respect everybody’s perspective 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She will, definitely!! I know that. Dads sacrifice everything for their daughters. Some may think that their dads don’t give them ‘freedom’, but what they can’t see is their love behind that attitude. Nobody can ever match the love of a dad!! Your daughter is gonna be lucky!! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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