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Beautiful Dreams

I’ve been a hell lot of busy from past few days and hence, no blogging.

Today, something really beautiful happened. I love the fact that even if my life is not beautiful, my dreams are.. So it’s all about my dream. It is not very often that the people we love, come in our dreams. That’s exactly what happened. It was early in the morning that I saw that person. It was surreal.

It is really important for me to see that person in my dreams, because it can never happen in reality. It may sound vague, but I really can’t divulge more details. There are reasons we leave some people, or people leave us. To leave someone very close, is a huge step. I remember, the time I took THE DECISION to leave that person, I cried like hell. Because I didn’t want to. But I had no choice. After that COURAGEOUS moment, I seldom go weak and try to re-establish contact but there’s this voice inside of me, that tells me not to.

I remember I read an extremely emotional poem on WordPress and I wrote that I’ve lost my DREAM. But the poet, I dunno what kind of blessing he was at that time, told me that maybe it was my NIGHTMARE… And it really was a deep comment which keeps me strong. Maybe that person wasn’t my dream after all. Maybe that person was my nightmare!

But that doesn’t stop me from loving that person. I miss the fact that I can’t tell that person anymore that he/she came in my dream. I used to, every time, when we used to talk.

Why is it important for me to see that person in my dreams? It frees me from the reality. It takes me to another world where everything is beautiful, everything is like before. My life is successful, but it ain’t beautiful. Or maybe it is. But it doesn’t feel like. And hence, dreams like these make it beautiful, even if it’s for a short period.





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreams

  1. May I utterly disillusion you? Even though I wish I did not?
    It is nothing, just grasping sand in your hands, it seeps through. When you wake up there is no reality. I know how comfortable those illusions are and how they wrap us in false warmth. But dreams are never reality and the sooner we face that reality, the better off we are.

    πŸ™‚ Sorry, sounding like a wise old bird, when I myself went through that so many times..

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    1. I know that. And that is the reason I left the person in first place. Because I saw the REALITY. These dreams are just a reminder of the beautiful time we had together 😊 And sorry, you didn’t disillusion me 😊 It was a great advice 😊

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      1. I am sorry to hear that. Truly, you deserve happiness.

        But you know what I used to tell young students and teens? What they see as love or romance is in fact a ghetto feeling. You choose from a small sample size, might even be the best among those around you. But after all that, it is still a narrow choice. I urge young girls to look at a wider world, there might be someone waiting for you elsewhere. What you think of as the best at the moment might not be. There is a whole wide world out there and you may choose from a larger pond. It is social herding behaviour of sorts. For example, when you are travelling in a bus driven by a rash driver and you meet with a mishap, you are likely to be irate and defend your driver rather than the other party. It is natural. The same with any other social interaction. If a person is wrong, within your group or network, you will still defend and laud the person because you imagine you know him/her better than the hostile party on the other side. Expanding that to the matters of the heart is easy. You see what you think is the best choice you could make, but to an outsider it might seem to be the wrong one or someone you do not deserve to be saddled with.

        For all that, what you have experienced is your to cherish forever. Never let go of that. It does not always remain regret. It turns to nostalgic, fond memories in future. But I know the pain of the now and the present. So, stay happy and you will get over this some day. It is not impossible, you know, to meet someone who is even more brilliant, compassionate, kind and loving – as unimaginable as that may sound now πŸ™‚

        Listen, you still have a full life. While it is not for me to lecture you, I tell you this – go, seek the entire world.. do not settle for the ordinary, the mediocre, the first person who responds or reciprocates all the love you can give. There is no right, there is no wrong. But you will know when you meet that one special person and then you will feel all the past is nothing. πŸ™‚
        Take care, Hasmeet.. ab hanso, haso-meet πŸ˜€

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