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You speak, they speak
You run, they run
You eat, they eat
You feel, they feel

Sometimes, you cook
Sometimes, they plough
Sometimes, you babysit
Sometimes, they work in a chateau

Women are not equal to men
God created two genders
Do not try to make them one
They are two genders

Superior or inferior
We all KNOW!



H ❀



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

29 thoughts on “Men-Women

  1. Oh, but it is not always like that >>>

    You write, I read
    You right, I wrong

    You speak, I shut
    You clever, I nut

    You pink, I blue
    You want it, I give

    You smile, I cry
    You weep, I die

    You stay, I live
    You go, I go

    You nice, I mean
    (Actually, I don’t know what I mean.. anyway)
    You happy, I happy

    You angry, I stop
    You post, I comment…


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      1. Oh dear, how did I ever forget that one???? Madrasi.. Punjabi.. assein tussein kadhi lassi pee see.. ungalku teriyaad, ee madrasi nallavanaa… (Ouch, I have to ask my blog-sis if that Tamil sounds alright first, but never mind)

        “You annoy”??? 😦 Ok, you stay, I go 😦

        Teri duniya se hokey majboor chalaa.. .main bahut door, bahut dooooooooooooooooooooor chalaaa–aaaaaa… teri duniya se-eee-eee–ee…

        Is qadar door ke phir, ke laut ke bhi aa na sakoon
        Aisi manzil ke jahaan khud ko bhi main paa na sakoon
        aur majboori hai kya, itna bhi batlaa na sakoon..

        ok, sigh*** Maybe it would have helped if I could sing online.. but never mind.. listen to it yourself.. you will regret it when I am gone πŸ˜€

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      2. Nope, just slightly insane.. but I told you, I am going.. Shambu kaka, main ghar chodke jaa raha hoon.. (Sigh** you probably don’t even know that old ad… never mind)…


      3. Yup… and I am telling you.. if you are annoyed, main ghar chodke jaa raha hoon.. er.. wordpress chodkey…

        Never mind.. there are no jalebis waiting either 😦 In case you call my bluff, that is.. (That is an old dhaara ad.. you can find it on youtube I guess).. ok, anyway, here it is

        *And I just realized.. same kid who said, tussein na jaao… hehee

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  2. What mesmerises me is the pictures you choose for each and every post for your blog! Great combination of the duos, where each one reflects the other! This is a very important piece where a writer wants to convey a message going deep into the reader’s mind! You’re sharp on this Hasmeet! 😊

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