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Nobel Peace Prize Sham!


Just a second ago, I got this notification from the BBC that the Tunisian Democracy Group has won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Well, congratulations.

Last year, when Malala and Kailash Satyarthi won the prize I was ecstatic and disappointed. Ecstatic for Kailash ji, and disappointed for Malala. Not because she is a Pakistani and I’m an Indian. I don’t think that way, just in case I haven’t made that clear in my previous blog posts. I had written about this subject about a year ago. You can check it here.

There is a man, Abdul Sattar Edhi from Karachi. If you don’t know him then I highly recommend reading the above mentioned post.

Is Nobel committee getting politicised each year?

Why hasn’t Edhi ji been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize? I’m not disappointed or angry because he SHOULD get it (which he should btw), but because he, inspite of all the sacrifices he has made throughout his lifetime and is still making (much bigger than Malala) and still people aren’t giving him any recognition!! Why??!!!

I have lost faith in the Nobel committee.  I have lost all faith in it…

Edhi ji, you are a saint. Even after getting neglected all these years, you are adamant on changing lives and serving humanity which no other human can ever imagine of..

You’re a saint..


H ❤



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

17 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize Sham!

  1. As a Pakistani I can only thank you for having such emotions and regards for a Pakistani. But its not about india or Pakistan its about humanity and what he has done for humanity there is no parallel to that.. He doesn’t need any noble prize or anything he is the hearts of millions.

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      1. Look give me one example in the past 50 years like him. Absolutely selfless. They won’t give it to him because he doesn’t like to come on tv or media. He is not a drama queen like most of the winners. So life goes on. He is living a million lives 🙂

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      2. Exactly!! Indian and Pakistani news channels spread hatred about each other but when recently Edhi ji fell sick nobody reported about it. I got to know that he’s not well because of boxer Amir Khan, when he paid a visit to him.

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      3. Yes he is ill for quite sometime now. Pray for him.. We need people like him. Such an inspiration tbh. And media? They are shit. The reason i dont watch television

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  2. Truely i do not believe in the Noble prize either,
    Ghandhi ji were most deserving peace prize, they Nominated him twice but gave to someone else …
    Noble is not a Noble prize its Ignoble …in my sight.
    Whoever help support or endorse thier intrests they gives to them …
    I ve also written an article about it plz read.

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