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Tips For Online Shopping!

I’ve always loved fashion. It has been one of my many loves. With my topmost love, politics that is, getting too dramatic to handle, I think it is about time to shift focus to my other love- Fashion. At least it steers clear of all the religious drama, rhetoric and shitty talks. And for a change, the fashion industry takes face-painting very seriously. It doesn’t splash paints all over in a hayward manner. Face-painting is an art, for the love of Chanel!

Online shopping caught my eye when I wanted to write about fashion. With the BIG BANNERS flaunting the “supposedly” BIG BILLIONS or FESTIVE whatever, I’ve learnt some lessons when it comes to the art of online shopping.

  • YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT- Now I learnt this one quite early when I started experimenting with various online shopping sites. What catches your eye first isn’t always the best. Probably, the site has some more amazing stuff other than the ‘first love’ you fell for. Take your time. Scan the whole website and do not rest until you find THE thing you are looking for. Also, it is not like ‘regular shopping’. You CAN go to other websites and check their prices too! I’ve seen that the exact same stuff of the exact same brand can be found on multiple websites, all at different prices!
  • DO NOT FALL FOR THAT 100 BUCKS T-SHIRT- The biggest advantage you have while shopping online is that you can get some amazing deals on some high-street brands. Not only that, Indian websites have also started to sell some high-end brands, too. So go check them out. And puhlease!!! Do not fall for that 100 bucks t-shirt!! Always, or most of the time, shop for only the trusted brands and not some 1000 bucks shirt down to 100 bucks! It will become a pocha (mop) before you know! Trust me on that!
  • DO NOT FALL FOR THAT “SALE!!”- These websites will even declare a sale when their newborn defecates on his/her first nappy, if they wish to!! So do not spend your hard-earned money or your hard-saved pocket money when you see a “SALE” advertisement. Steer clear of this trap. These sales come and go. Only shop when you need something. This is the best advice I can give you.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THEIR E-MAIL SERVICE- I have wasted tonnes of money (just exaggerating!) because of the vicious e-mails these websites sent me. “HASMEET! YOUR KIND OF SHOES!!!” or “HASMEET! YOUR KIND OF DENIMS!!!”. Or wait for this one. “HAND-PICKED SHOES TO GO WITH YOUR DRESS!!”. I have fallen for this one, several times!!! Just bloody unsubscribe from this cruel e-mail service!! Also, uninstall all their apps from your smartphone!! Their notifications will make your bank account go from 100,000 bucks to 10 bucks!! And if they sold anything for 10 bucks, you would’ve spent that last bit of your money too! *DISGUSTED*
  • ONLY GO FOR THE TRUSTED WEBSITES- Do not buy anything from a website called or (imaginary names!). All I want to convey is that buy from the websites that have a reputation in the corporate world.
  • DOUBLE CHECK FOR DUPES- Well, it happened with me when I was ordering makeup brushes from India’s number one online shopping site. I saw Urban Decay brushes. I was exhilarated!! I ordered them in a second. But later, it came to my mind that I haven’t seen these brushes anywhere on Urban Decay‘s website! I researched a bit and found that the reputed website was selling dupes!! I checked on other “reputed” websites too and found the exact same “Urban Decay” brushes. So, know the stuff you are buying. I would have easily bought Real Techniques brushes for that much amount. I cancelled that order that instant!
  • DESCRIPTION AND REVIEWS- These two sections under every product are your saviors! Description is a must. A particular clothing item isn’t exactly what it looks on screen. Always check the material in the description bar. Do a size check. Same goes for electronic items too. Check everything. Reviews will save you a lot of time. Sometimes even a branded item is not good. So, do a review check. If reviews aren’t available on the website, then just Google it. CopyPaste the product name and number and look for customer reviews.

No need to thank me 😀 Enjoy shopping!!!!





Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

41 thoughts on “Tips For Online Shopping!

      1. I find it very exciting browsing pages… But the traffic moment came into my online shopping when I forced to look for my Didi ‘s dresses and jewelry….
        It takes hours n hours ….
        I often end up crying!!!

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  1. I didn’t get the first para, honestly–about “face-painting” Maybe I am old-generation LOL 😀

    I did buy some T-shirts from off-line sales organized for IT employees in Baghmane Tech Park and they are still with me–not Pocha yet LOL 😀

    Nice tips.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. I just feel in love with this post.. Just today I received a courier, which I sadly must say was a total piece of shit krap…

    I’m just thinking of who I could gift it away to.. 😢😢😳😳

    I just never learn from my mistakes, this must deter me for sometime..

    Bravo!!! Loved the post!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  3. Hasmeet the blog in fact is relevant from the buyers perspectives who are forced to buy through various means n tools of marketing. Your personal experience is going to help others only if they are concerned about the hard earned money. I Ali’s bought a mini stitching machine from refiffmail by paying 200/ last year as the pic lured me to go for it for my wife. Lo. I got a small 2 inches stapler type machine hardly useful to stitch Thanks for sharing n keep knocking the heads of the online portals 😀😀

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