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We all are mature enough to understand and know what is going on in our country right now. Do not live in a box and pretend that it doesn’t concern you. IT DOES! All our life we’ve been taught that we live in a SOCIETY which has some rules. This time, we need to live by the rules of this society. And these rules concern brotherhood, peace, love, compassion and humanity.

I do not want to go into the distressing details of what’s going on in our society. But it is really bothering me to the extent that it has instilled a sense of fear in my mind for our very existence. My dad told me that one of his colleague’s car was damaged badly by some protesters this afternoon when he was coming from Chandigarh.

No sane person, no god-fearing person and mind that, no religious person will ever take the life of a fellow human being. No sane person will ever do anything that hurts the very conscience of his/her fellow humans. We live in a society. Ask your neighbors. Ask your friends. ASK YOURSELF!!! This is high time we need to get together and show that no matter what our religion is, no matter what our gender or nationality is, we will stand for each other.

This is India. Here, when our neighbor meets with an accident we rush to the hospital. When that five year old kid living across the street gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, we pray for him. When a neighbor marries his daughter off, we help him with all the wedding preparations.

We don’t KILL each other. We don’t abuse each other by targeting one another’s religion.

We stand by the values taught to us by our religions. Our religion never tells us to be full of vengeance. Our religion tells us to practice unconditional love, to help the needy, to shun jealousy. Just recall the last time you went to a religious place. What did you hear there? Did you hear that we should kill the ones who have done nothing? Did you hear that if some unknown assailants committed a crime, we should direct our anger to the ones who belong to their religion???!!! NO!!

It is my appeal to anybody and everybody reading this post. Please, for the love of God, maintain a peaceful environment. Do not let some criminals divide us. We’ve lived together forever. Do not let them repeat the holocaust of 1984 and 2002. Keep the cries of the infants in mind who will lose their parents if the situation gets out of control. Keep the cries of mothers in mind who will lose their sons, who thought it to be their duty to teach someone a lesson.

A huge storm is engulfing our nation. We need to stand together to face it. It will pass by with very little harm. Have faith in yourself and most importantly, in others.






Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

30 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP!!

  1. Hmm. I have no award to return in protest. Though all the bloggers, authors and similar empathetic people may agree to you, mob won’t. So, either you wait for storm to settle, or take asylum to some other world, or continue your awareness campaign.


  2. We can’t force anybody with peace but yeah I believe in that and do that and also take care of doing that whenever I be in a situation. And regarding religion thing I have read a very good line somewhere which is something like “We have seen people being communal and fighting for religion but we have never seen anybody asking for a Hindu blood or a Christian blood.” So I guess people are just fooling everybody over religion. So beware of them too.

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      1. Hmm… As I said just be a good person, the world will look beautiful to you. I might being too subjective over what famous people have said, but I want to mention one more quote, “If you can’t feed thousands, just feed one”

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  3. You have been touching our hearts with the core issues engulfing or country but Hasmeet, I have been to a number of countries across globe and found that the local issues always keep creeping up now and then but they get resolved also. I have seen thefts/burglaries/fights/regionalism/favouritism/casteism in one form or the other but the distant looks better and colourful. The issues infact heart when we face personally in our state/country and start thinking pessimistic immediately. I am confident when young people like you who are so concerned are going to impact the generation and force the rulers to get into the act for providing a safe and beautiful country for all of us. God bless and keep writing

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