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A child was born,

In a nation unknown.

He wasn’t given a name,

All thought he’ll bring fame.

He grew up in the arms of nature,

Loved dearly by every creature.

His parents set him free.

His values strong as a tree.

One day he met an Indian,

Realized he’s been living in oblivion.

That Indian first asked him,

Which RELIGION did he believe in?

The boy was confused,

This religion theory made him amused.

“Assign me one!”, he said.

“Lemme first check your eating habits!”

The boy thought of it as weird,

“Why my food? Make it clear.”

“Because that’s the way it is.

We love living in abyss!”

“Isn’t there some other criteria?”

This trivia caused in him a hysteria!

“Maybe the color of my blood?”

“Oh! Stop being a dud!

Blood has nothing to do with religion.”

Now the boy was in a big confusion.

“Then how can you divide me?

I’m one with nature. I fully disagree.

I live with people from all around.

Animals, birds and even hounds!

You cannot live with humans alone

And it is my world that makes you groan?”

“What do you know about the divine?

You’re nothing better than a canine!”

“I know of love and compassion.

I’m a million miles away from faction.

We never hurt, cheat or kill.

Never have, never will.”

“Oh, you’re nothing but an animal.

This world without religions is abysmal…

One day you’ll also succumb,

Because my friend, this is KALYUG..!!”


H ❀



Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

49 thoughts on “Kalyug

  1. To be honest, a boost in development is directly proportional to all the crap which is happening in this world. We as Indians need to know that our politicians and their ideologies don’t represent this country, but we as citizens represent it. Also, it is very sad to say that India is a country devoid of leaders, there are only politicians. We brought this horrible phase, and some will enjoy it, while some will continue to endure. That’s the reality.

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  2. Your country alone? I think our seems subtle here πŸ™‚
    We are dealing with a lot of issues here. From top to bottom. And then we fight, and there’s no solution for anything. If the unthinkable happens(which I’m sure will not happen), then we’ll be ready to welcome a third world war. But let’s hope for the best, India is beautiful, and we love it.

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    1. We surely do. But the vicious powers do not want it to remain peaceful. I am talking about something else which I don’t think you know about πŸ™‚ So I’ll just wrap it up here only πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, what a beautiful piece of poetry bringing out the core issues engulfing the globe. Yes we should feel proud of being an Indian as we have shown to the world the characteristics of democracy and despite various issues our great countrymen have shown the will to stand united

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  4. Hasmeet I am going to take liberty to be a bit personal and seek pardon if u didn’t like it. Please rethink and avoid getting into politics the rotten profession. You are wonderful in writing n don’t deprive us with the shocking thoughts. God bless you in whatever profession u decide You will rock everywhere

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  5. Great satire on the present condition prevailing in our country… A good message of oneness been portrayed by you in this poem… The flow is excellent… Beautiful write up or better to say an “epitome”… πŸ™‚

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