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The Night of Realisation

She went to bed thinking about him, again… Pillow was wet, again.. Tears were flowing like an overflowing river wreaking havoc in a village.. His attitude towards her was reverberating in her mind.. Her heart was in pain.. Was this the guy she loved? Actually, scratch that. Is this the guy she loves? Her mind was going back to the time when he once confessed his love for her. That day. Saturday. She was all alone in her home. He said it. He said he loved her. She replied. She was also in love with him. She had always been… But, today, he said the meanest things to her. Her love, her care and her anger over his indifference were termed as ‘fake’. She was in splits. Why was he behaving like this? Is this the guy who once said he will not let her leave him? Is he the guy who made every possible move to show her that he loves her more than anything and anyone in this world? They both had their differences. Big differences. But they always fought against those differences to be with each other. To love each other… But today, he has made it clear that he is there no more. He has made it clear that he will move on. But he is not owning up to it. He is blaming her. And she… She is wondering why was her love not enough to show him that he is her everything?



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Spreading love and being grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Trying to persuade people to live a happy life and give more to society.

59 thoughts on “The Night of Realisation

  1. I wish this girl gets back on her feet and reignite her passion which shall help in restoring her wrecked heart.

    Love is for those with hearts but not for those who play with minds. He might think that he got rid of the girl. But he will regret for his lifetime day in and day out for the rest of his life right from the moment when he realize the value of the true love which he will never ever earn back.

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    1. It is not his fault. It is the gal’s fault. Whenever she opened her mouth, she spewed venomous hurls at the guy. What was he supposed to take away from that? Love? No. All he could see was the gal’s hate for him. But he didn’t know one thing. The gal didn’t know how to speak the language of love. She thought he’ll decipher it. But little did she know that it was creating huge differed between them which will never erase..

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  2. Hold yourself grounded and strong. The storm would settle. As far as love is concerned, its a bit turbulent feeling with ups and downs, ecstasy and gloom, synchrony and contrast. Its an emotional maze. The more you think and delve in, the more you get trapped like Abhimanyu. Either you learn the complexities by burning a bit, which already you are, or asking ourself at every step if we are going a wrong way. You seem pretty judgemental and analytical now, you would definitely sail thru.

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      1. its one perception dear. Yes, I agree to an extent but isn’t that harming ourselves? I don’t think we want to harm ourselves, ryt? I am the last person to talk about ‘LovE’..but just saying. It’s an internal thing for one to sort out.

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      2. It does inflicts insurmountable pain but then it is not something we can control. At least I know I can’t. I will recover soon. I know that. Not recover, though. Recover from this emotional wreck that I am from past few days.. But it will take time.. Until then, kindly bear with me 😊


  3. I can understand where this roots from… Hun, let the girl tell herself that things happen for a reason, yes it hurts when we are the reasons of someone’s pain. Yes it hurts that the man she loved couldn’t see that, though she had a strong barrier outside of her, she was a soft petal deep within. What hurts her the most is the fact, that she expected the guy to see thru the depths of her soul.

    She wanted him to understand her, without uttering the obvious words. She wanted him to communicate with her soul. True love, usually deciphers that doll. And, I’m not kidding.

    You know that the bond is deep, when you need no words to talk, when silences make each other comprehend situations.

    She will get over it. She deserves what God thinks is for worthy for her. Tell her to put away the guilt, she deserves someone who hears her silences & decodes the reason behind her frustration!

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  4. I admire writers who can be honest and real and this piece was both of those. ❀ I have a notebook full of poems, letters and song lyrics from my first love. We have been through some ridiculous times–some of which I never thought we would overcome. We did however overcome them and we've been together 7 years now. I think that if it is honest love, it can overcome any obstacle. And when love doesn't make it, I think that happens for a reason. I know its the most difficult thing, but it helped me to keep this in mind when relationships go through times like this. Please keep writing though. I think thats the best therapy there is. xx

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  5. Love the title and plethora of questions.. I love when people write their heart out and others try to explain the feeling they are feeling.. What we write may be fictional but as we write it so somehow there is a part of us who lives in the words we write and for the justice of this small part of us, the answers are important πŸ™‚ hope you find your answers πŸ˜‰

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  6. This is tough.. this situation.. this thing when people break your heart… it’s sad.. but then all heroes are made of this stuff hasmeet.. and we know you are one… keep pouring your heart… πŸ™‚ (a little late .. but still couldn’t resist)


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